Alta CB vs Alta Slate vs Red CB Driver Shafts

When choosing between the Alta CB, Alta Slate, and Red CB golf shafts, understanding the unique characteristics and benefits of each can significantly impact your game.

This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive comparison to help you make an informed decision based on your playing style and preferences.

Alta CB (Counter Balanced)

The Alta CB (Counter Balanced) shaft is designed with a counterbalance feature, which means it has a slightly heavier butt end.

This counterbalancing helps to improve the balance point of the club, making the head feel lighter.

This can be particularly beneficial if you prefer a smoother, more controlled swing.

The Alta CB is often lauded for its ability to promote a higher launch and moderate spin, making it a versatile option for a wide range of golfers.

According to Ping, the manufacturer, the Alta CB is engineered to offer a stable feel, which can enhance consistency in your shots.

The shaft’s design aids in optimizing swing mechanics, potentially leading to improved accuracy and distance.

Alta Slate

On the other hand, the Alta Slate is another shaft option that deserves consideration.

While it shares some similarities with the Alta CB, the Slate variant is typically designed to offer a different balance of launch and spin characteristics.

The Alta Slate is known for providing a mid-high launch with a slightly lower spin compared to the Alta CB.

This can be advantageous if you’re looking for a balance between distance and control.

The Alta Slate’s design is aimed at players who prefer a more traditional feel, offering stability and a consistent performance across various swing speeds.

This shaft can be particularly useful if you’re working on fine-tuning your ball flight and achieving a more penetrating trajectory.

Red CB (Counter Balanced)

In contrast, the Red CB (Counter Balanced) shaft brings a different set of characteristics to the table.

Like the Alta CB, it features counterbalancing, but it is typically geared towards players seeking a higher launch and more spin.

The Red CB is designed to help generate a higher ball flight, which can be beneficial if you struggle with getting the ball airborne or if you need more carry distance.

The shaft’s higher spin profile can also aid in stopping the ball quickly on the greens, providing more control in your short game.

Ping’s engineering behind the Red CB focuses on enhancing feel and stability while promoting a higher trajectory, making it a solid choice for players who need additional height and spin.


You must first look at your swing speed and style to know the most suitable for you.

With its counterbalanced design, the Alta CB might be best suited for golfers with a smoother tempo and looking for a higher launch with moderate spin.

Its balanced feel can help you maintain control and consistency, which is crucial for improving overall performance.

The Alta Slate, offering a mid-high launch and lower spin, could be ideal if you’re aiming for a more penetrating ball flight with a traditional feel.

This shaft can provide a good mix of distance and control, making it suitable for various playing conditions.

The Red CB, focusing on a higher launch and more spin, is tailored for players who need help achieving optimal height and carry.

This shaft can be particularly beneficial if you have a slower swing speed and need additional assistance in getting the ball airborne.

The higher spin rate can also improve your stopping power on the greens, which is essential for precise short-game shots.

Feedback from golfers who have used these shafts can provide practical insights.

Many players appreciate the Alta CB for its smooth feel and consistency, noting that it helps them achieve a higher launch without sacrificing control.

Reviews often highlight the shaft’s ability to promote a stable and balanced swing, which can be especially helpful for maintaining accuracy.

On the other hand, the Alta Slate is praised for its traditional feel and the ability to produce a more controlled ball flight.

Golfers who prefer a mid-high launch with less spin find this shaft to be a reliable option for various playing conditions.

The Red CB receives positive feedback for its ability to help players with slower swing speeds achieve better launch conditions.

Golfers appreciate the higher trajectory and increased spin, which can enhance their approach shots and stopping power on the greens.

The counterbalanced design of the Red CB also contributes to a stable feel, which many players find beneficial for maintaining consistency throughout their swings.


When deciding, it’s crucial to consider personal preferences and playing conditions. Trying out each shaft can provide a firsthand experience of how they perform with your swing.

Pay attention to how each shaft feels during your swing, the ball flight it produces, and how it performs in different conditions.

Additionally, consulting with a professional fitter can provide valuable insights based on your swing characteristics and goals.


The Alta CB, Alta Slate, and Red CB shafts each offer unique benefits tailored to different playing styles and preferences.

The Alta CB’s counterbalanced design and higher launch with moderate spin make it suitable for a wide range of golfers seeking control and consistency.

The Alta Slate provides a mid-high launch with a lower spin, offering a traditional feel and balanced performance.

The Red CB, focusing on higher launch and spin, is ideal for players needing additional height and carry, especially those with slower swing speeds.

By considering your swing characteristics and trying out each shaft, you can determine which option best suits your game and enhances your performance on the course.


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