AMT Black Shaft Review: What You Need to Know

Golfers seeking a competitive edge in their games understand the need to access the golf shaft they use critically.

In recent years, modern shaft manufacturers are becoming more innovative, with numerous high-performance shafts for discerning golfers.

The True Temper AMT Black shaft is a modern, advanced golf shaft with an incredible feel and performance. It provides players with a mid-to-high launch and low spin.

This article will extensively review the AMT Black shaft to help understand its features, specifications and on-course performance.

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The AMT Black shaft is a high-performance steel shaft with a unique design crafted to improve consistency and performance throughout the set.

It’s popular among players seeking premium steel shafts with innovative technology and performance characteristics.

The shaft is among True Temper’s Ascending Mass Technology (AMT) shaft collections.

According to the brand, it is designed for players with moderate tempo who seek average spin rates and controlled launch.

Its unique design comes with different weights and lengths for each iron which help optimize the performance of each club in the set.

The varieties help optimize launch, control, and spin, offering players a consistent feel and performance.

The long iron shafts have less mass and a lighter feel, while the short irons have a shorter feel and more weight.

Generally, this AMT Black shaft enables players to keep control of the standard Dynamic Gold while allowing mid and long irons to be more playable.

AMT Black Shaft: Features and Specifications

AMT Black Shaft Review

The AMT Black shaft is a high-quality premium steel with extreme durability and longevity.

It provides a mid-to-high launch with low spin, making it ideal for players who want to maximize distance without compromising accuracy.

Its unique design is crafted for the performance optimization of each club in the set.

The longer irons have lighter shafts to offer higher launch angles and clubhead speeds, while the shorter irons have heavier shafts to promote improved accuracy and control.

It’s available in various weights, flex options, and lengths. Let’s expound on the features using some significant factors as follows:


The True Temper AMT Black falls in the center of the AMT lineup with progressive weights.

It comes in a wide range of weights from 94-116 grams, enabling players to select the weights that align with their swing characteristics or preferences.

Players with a slow swing tempo should choose lighter weights, while the heavier weights will be ideal for players with an aggressive tempo.

Flex Options

The AMT Black shaft has multiple flex options, including stiff and regular flex.

So, players can choose the flex that best suits their tempo and swing speeds.

Players with slower swing speeds should choose the regular flex, while those with fast swing speeds (85+ MPH) will find the stiff flex more suitable.

Length Options

Each iron in the AMT Black set comes with a different length and weight, optimizing the performance of each club in the set.

Generally, both flex options have a length range of 36.5″-39.5.

On-Course Performance

AMT Black Shaft Review

Generally, the AMT Black is a mid-spin shaft in the AMT line. It provides mid-to-high flight with incredible trajectory.

It may be suitable for drop and stop for short and mid irons. It offers the needed spin to hold the long irons in the air.

The design helps provide better consistency and performance throughout the set. The long irons are lighter, assisting players in generating more speed.

On the other hand, the heavier short irons provide more control.


This shaft has a smooth and responsive feel, thus providing a consistent feel and premium performance throughout the set. The feedback is excellent, enabling players to feel the ball’s impact on the clubface.


Regarding accuracy, the shaft performs excellently by delivering consistent ball flights that hold the line well, irrespective of the condition.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent consistency and performance throughout the set.
  • Progressive mass placement
  • Amazing spin in the short irons
  • Ideal for moderate-swing-speed golfers
  • Great design and accuracy
  • Excellent feel similar to Dynamic Gold
  • It helps maximize distance


  • Not ideal for fast swing speed golfers
  • Varying weights and lengths of irons may take time to get comfortable
  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited feedback

True Temper AMT Black: Is It Worth It?

The True Temper is an excellent investment for golfers who want a premium steel shaft with better performance and consistency throughout the set.

The higher price point may be a significant talking point.

Still, considering its unique design and the level at which it optimizes performance, it may be a worthwhile investment for players who want to take their game to the next level.

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