Best Shaft For Ping G410 Plus Driver: Which ONE is Best?

Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game, and choosing the right equipment is essential.

The Ping G410 Plus driver is popular among golfers due to its forgiveness and adjustability features.

However, choosing the right shaft for the G410 Plus driver can be daunting.

With a variety of shaft options available, it’s essential to understand the characteristics of each and how they can affect your game.

In this article, we will explore the best shaft options for the Ping G410 Plus driver and provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

About Ping G410 Plus Driver

The Ping G410 Plus Driver is a famous golf club released in 2019.

It is designed to be more forgiving and produce faster ball speeds, which can lead to longer drives and better accuracy.

It’s the first Ping driver with adjustable settings.

The adjustability features include loft and lie angles, enabling players to customize the club to fit their swing and playing preferences.

It has a 455cc head size and a 15% higher Moment of Inertia(MOI) than other competitor drivers with moveable CG locations.

The 16g tungsten weight can enable about 10 yards of shot bias, helping golfers achieve their preferred shot shape.

It also features a creased crown and internal dragonfly tech that strengthen the head and transfer increased energy to the ball at impact.

Best Shaft Options for Ping G410 Plus Driver

Ping offers several shaft options for the G410 Plus driver.

Some significant options include the Alta CB 55 Red, Tour 65, Tour 75, and the Ping Tour 173-65.

Additionally, Ping offers a variety of custom shaft options through their fitting process, including options from top shaft manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Fujikura, and Graphite Design.

The best shaft option for an individual golfer will depend on several factors, including the golfer’s swing speed, tempo, and ball flight preferences.

However, note that these shafts have unique characteristics and performance benefits.

Let’s discuss the attributes of some of these shaft options for the Ping G410 Plus driver.

Alta CB Red 55 Shaft

Best Shaft For Ping G410 Plus Driver

The Alta CB shaft is the stock option for the Ping G410 Plus driver. It’s a shaft destined to provide golfers with a high launch and low spin.

As such, it’s an excellent option for players with slower swing speeds and who want to get the ball up in the air.

It also provides incredible forgiveness, and its counterbalanced design enables more weight in the head and grip, thus increasing swing and ball speed.

This lightweight graphite shaft also has a softer tip section that promotes a higher launch, and improved ball speed and the mid-to-high torque rating can help generate more club speed.

Many golfers have reported good results with the Alta CB 55 Red shaft in the G410 Plus driver, particularly those with slower swing speeds or a smoother tempo.

Ping Tour Shafts

Best Shaft For Ping G410 Plus Driver

The Ping Tour shafts for the G410 Plus driver include the Tour 65, Tour 75, and Tour 173-65.

The Tour 65 and 75 shafts are mid-weight graphite shafts that balance distance and control.

They suit golfers with moderate-to-fast swing speeds and need an excellent mix of distance and accuracy.

The Ping Tour 65 has a low-to-mid torque rating, making it ideal for golfers with faster swing speeds, and it helps achieve a more penetrating ball flight.

The Tour 65 has a mid-launch, mid-spin profile, and it can provide a more stable feel for players with a more aggressive swing.

In the case of the Ping Tour 173-65, it suits players with faster swing speeds and prioritizes a lower ball flight and more control.

It’s a heavier graphite shaft, and its selling point is the precision and workability it offers players, especially veteran and advanced players.

Tensei CK Orange 60

Best Shaft For Ping G410 Plus Driver

The Tensei CK Orange 60 shaft is a premium option for stability and control.

It features a carbon fiber material infused with elastic titanium fibers, improving energy transfer and reducing vibration.

Players with moderate swing speed will find this shaft option exciting as it balances accuracy and distance.

It has a mid-to-high launch and mid-to-low spin profile.

Its mid-to-high torque rating will also help produce a slightly softer feel and more responsive feedback.

HZRDUS Smoke Black

The HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft is a high-performance option that delivers a low launch with low spin. It features a high-density carbon fiber material which improves stiffness and stability.

Its counterbalanced design helps increase swing and ball speed, and players with fast swing speed who prioritize control and accuracy will find this shaft suitable.

Choosing the Right Shaft for Your Ping G410 Driver

So far, we’ve established numerous excellent shaft options for the Ping G410 plus driver, each catering to different golfers’ needs and preferences.

The best option will be a personal decision, depending on your swing characteristics and preferences.

We have provided some tips below that can help in your decision-making:

  • Choose a shaft with a higher launch and more spin if you have a slower swing speed and want to obtain more distance.
  • Choose a shaft with a lower launch and less spin if you have a faster swing speed and want more accuracy and control.
  • If you release late or have a slower tempo, a shaft with a softer tip section is your choice, as it can generate more power and speed.
  • Finally, if you need help with the best choice, remember it’s always wise to try a professional club fitting service to analyze your swing characteristics and launch condition.

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