Best Shaft For Callaway Rogue Driver

The Callaway Rogue driver is a leading option for golfers seeking a high-performance driver that can improve their games.

It features innovative technology that offers impressive benefits and performance.

But as we all know, one of the significant factors in getting the best out of a driver is choosing the appropriate shafts.

Fortunately, the Callaway Rogue driver has a wide range of shock and custom shaft options. However, with this wide range of options, selecting the best could be a hurdle.

Which are the best shaft options for the Callaway Rogue driver?

This article will demystify the best stock and custom shaft options for the Callaway Rogue driver highlighting their significant features to establish which will suit you the best.

Are you ready?

Callaway Rogue Driver Overview

Best Shaft For Callaway Rogue Driver

Launched in 2018, the Callaway Rogue driver was released to be the successor of the Callaway Epic driver.

It is most notable for its high ball speed and forgiveness, especially for beginners. It has a bigger head and sweet spot than the previous Callaway driver and is a bit lighter.

It also features innovative technologies, including the Jailbreak Technology, the new X-Face VFT, and the Triaxial Carbon Crown, all incorporated to help improve the overall performance.

The main selling point of the Epic Driver is the Jailbreak technology which Callaway claimed to have improved on the Rogue Driver.

The significant difference is on off-center hits, making it better on mishits than the Epic driver. It has about 16% more forgiveness, benefiting average golfers.

Best Shafts For Callaway Rogue Driver

Best Shaft For Callaway Rogue Driver

The Callaway Rogue driver is also available in several lofts and shaft options to cater to a wide range of swing characteristics and players’ preferences.

They include a vast selection of high-quality shafts from leading manufacturers, including Aldila, Project X, and Mitsubishi, and the shafts vary based on the model and the release year.

The best stock shafts for the driver include the Aldila Synergy 50, Aldila Synergy 60 graphite, Aldila Quaranta 40 graphite, and Project X EvenFlow 65 graphite.

Generally, the best one is the Aldila Synergy 50 graphites with flex options including stiff, regular, and senior options and loft of 9.0° and 10.5°

It’s crucial to choose the right shaft to get the best out of your driver.

Let’s expound on the features and specifications of these shaft options to ensure you select the one that suits your swing, distance, speed, and height.

Aldila Quaranta 40

The Aldila Quaranta 40 is the lightest shaft available for the Rogue driver.

It’s an ultra-lightweight shaft designed to offer maximum clubhead speed and high launch.

Golfers claim this shaft helps provide stability to the driver, and it’s ideal for players with slower swing speeds.

  • Flex Options: Ladies, Senior
  • Weight: 41g (Ladies), 43g (Senior)
  • Launch: High
  • Torque: 6.0 degrees (Ladies), 5.5 degrees (Senior)
  • Spin: High

Aldila Synergy 50

The Aldila Synergy 50 shaft is a lightweight graphite promoting a mid-high ball flight.

It’s heavier than the Quaranta 40 shaft and it’s the most popular and best shaft for the Rogue driver. It provides a smooth feel and is suitable for golfers with moderate swing speed. The

  • Flex Options: Regular, Stiff, Senior, Ladies
  • Torque: 4.3 degrees (Ladies), 4.2 degrees (Senior), 4.0 degrees (Regular), 3.8 degrees (Stiff)
  • Weight: 49g (Ladies), 50g (Senior), 52g (Regular), 54g (Stiff)
  • Launch: Mid-High
  • Spin: Mid-High

Aldila Synergy 60

The Aldila Synergy 60 graphite is another excellent shaft option for the Rogue driver. It’s a heavy shaft but offers golfers exceptional stability.

Generally, the heavyweight is ideal for aggressive swingers and can help increase their distance and average speed.

It’s comfortable and doesn’t require a hard swing to make excellent contact.

  • Flex options: Light, regular and stiff flex
  • Launch: Mid launch
  • Torque: Mid torque
  • Weight: 54g-58g

Project X EvenFlow Blue

Because of their consistency, the Project X EvenFlow shafts are popular options for the Callaway Rogue.

The EvenFlow blue 60 and 65 are both excellent options. The Blue 60 is a mid-weight shaft with a smooth feel and consistent performance.

It’s ideal for golfers with moderate to high swing speeds.

  • Flex Options: Regular, Stiff
  • Weight: 60g (Regular), 62g (Stiff)
  • Launch: Mid-High
  • Torque: 5.5 degrees (Regular), 5.2 degrees (Stiff)
  • Spin: Mid-High

Conversely, the EvenFlow 65 is excellent for aggressive swingers as it helps enhance their swings. It offers extra distance and speed.

It has a mid-launch and torque, and the flex option includes regular, stiff, and extra stiff flex.

Custom Shaft Options For Callaway Rogue

As discussed earlier, the Callaway Rogue also has a wide range of custom shaft options that golfers can customize depending on their preferences.

Some of the best custom shaft options for the Rogue driver include Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65, Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75, and Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 60.

Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65

This shaft is an excellent option for the Callaway driver. It has a tapered design, providing a great feel for players. It also helps players improve their distance and speed.

  • Flex Option: Stiff, Stiff+, and extra stiff flex
  • Weight: 65g
  • Launch: Low
  • Spin: Low

Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75

The Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 is a heavier graphite shaft notable for its stable feel and low spin that helps provide maximum distance.

It’s an excellent option for golfers with high swing speed.

  • Flex Options: Stiff, X-Stiff
  • Weight: 75g (Stiff), 76g (X-Stiff)
  • Launch: Low
  • Torque: 3.5 degrees (Stiff), 3.3 degrees (X-Stiff)
  • Spin: Low

Tensei AV Blue 60

The Tensei AV Blue 60 is another excellent custom shaft option for the Rogue driver.

The mid-weight graphite shaft provides a great combination of feel, accuracy, and balance.

  • Flex Options: Regular, Stiff
  • Weight: 61g (Regular), 64g (Stiff)
  • Launch: Mid
  • Torque: 4.5 degrees (Regular), 4.3 degrees (Stiff)
  • Spin: Mid

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