Best Shaft for Stealth Driver: An In-depth Look

The TaylorMade Stealth driver improves from the conventional titanium face that has become a staple in the industry and introduces the innovative carbon fiber face, a move that changed the trajectory of golf drivers.

The Stealth driver is suitable for any handicap, and it’s designed to provide unprecedented performance and distance level.

But which shaft is suitable for the Stealth driver? What distinctive attributes do the shafts offer?

This guide will reveal the suitable shaft for the stealth driver and expound on the best shaft to choose.


The TaylorMade Stealth driver was released in February 2022 to replace the famous SIM 2.

The release marked the near end of the titanium drivers and the beginning of the Carbonwood era.

The Carbonwood improves golfers’ coefficient of restitution (COR) for a high launch, optimum ball speed, and fascinating distance off the tee. It also minimizes backspin rpm.

But to enjoy the driver functionality to the maximum, you need to use the appropriate shaft. The shaft is always the true key to getting the perfect club.

Let’s explore the shaft offerings for the Stealth driver.

Shaft Offerings for the Stealth Driver

Best Shaft for Stealth Driver

TaylorMade offers a wide range of custom shafts for the Stealth driver.

It also comes with a matching headcover and wrench. It has two shock shaft offerings, including Aldila’s Ascent Red and Fujikura’s Ventus Red.

Both of these shafts are graphites and are designed to improve launch conditions and carry distances. However, the Ventus Red has a higher launch and spin between these two shafts.

Generally, players can use four shafts to fit the Stealth driver.

Excluding the Aldila Ascent Red and Fujikura Ventus Red 5, golfers can also use Mitsubishi Diamana ZF60 and Graphite Tour AD 12.

The Ventus Red 5 shaft is the best for slow swingers and is available in regular, stiff, and senior flex.

In the case of Aldila Ascent Red, it features regular flex, making it ideal for the average swinger.

The other two shaft options: Mitsubishi Diamana ZF60 and Graphite Design Tour AD 12, are only available in stiff and extra stiff flex options.

They are excellent shaft options for faster swingers who don’t need the extra spring produced by flexible graphite.

Best Shafts For Stealth Drivers: An In-depth Look

Let’s expound on the specifications of the shaft offerings available for the Stealth driver.

Aldila Ascent Red

Best Shaft for Stealth Driver

The Aldila Ascent Red shaft is one of the reliable shaft offerings for Stealth as it produces immense performance.

It delivers on its promises to offer a higher launch without compromising performance.

If you’re a golfer who does not want a higher launching shaft for accuracy or spin reasons, the Aldila Ascent Red shaft might be perfect for you.

The shaft helps increase the launch angle while maintaining spin and face deflection for increased ball flight.

It features the integrated Impact Stabilization Zone to counter the stereotype that golfers aiming to improve flight apex have to choose a more active shaft or use additional loft, which can result in bigger misses.

The Impact Stabilization Zone is the stiffer shaft section infused with tungsten to provide more stability and enhance energy transfer.

This region offers a better active profile and higher ball speed without compromising the accurate penetrating flight required for maximum distance.

With more than 25 grips, the Aldila Ascent is available in 40, 50, 60, 80, and 80 grams. The 40 grams have the Regular, R2, and stiff flexes.

The 50 grams have the X, stiff and Regular flexes. The 60 and 70 grams have the Stiff, X, and TX flex options, while the 80-gram is only available in TX.

Fujikura Ventus Red

Best Shaft for Stealth Driver

The Ventus Red shaft is an engineered equipment designed to massively tighten shot dispersion and increase ball speed, particularly on off-center shots.

Fujikura’s Ventus was initially released in a Blue profile but has now expanded to include Red and Black models to fit different player profiles.

It also has four other launch profiles to maximize the player’s wood.

Each shaft model is designed around the VeloCore Technology with an accelerated taper design to enhance feel and load.

The VeloCore technology is a core construction principle that provides premium stability via impact and transition, improving velocity and smash factor.

The core is multi-material and built with premium materials that promise strength and durability.

The Fujikura Ventus Red offers a mid-high ball flight with about 25+ grip. It uses VeloCore technology to provide ultimate stability.

The technology offers consistent center-face impact and delivers improved control, tightening dispersion, and strength.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the shaft maximizes MOI and the clubhead ball speed by reducing twists during swing sessions and at impact, particularly on off-center hits.

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