Bettinardi vs Evnroll Putters – What are the Differences?

In golf, the putter serves as both an extension of the golfer’s touch and a barometer of precision. As the club that likely makes the most appearances during a round, its importance cannot be overstated. With a multitude of options on the market, each boasting unique technologies and design philosophies, choosing the right putter can be a complex endeavor. Two brands that stand out for their commitment to quality and performance are Bettinardi and Evnroll. While both brands aim to enhance your performance on the green, they approach design, technology, and aesthetics differently, offering distinct advantages that cater to specific player profiles and needs. This comprehensive guide aims to dissect the defining characteristics of each brand’s offerings, elucidating key points to consider when faced with the choice between Bettinardi and Evnroll. Whether you prioritize technological innovation, craftsmanship, or a blend of both, this guide provides you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision tailored to your game.

Bettinardi vs Evnroll – What are the Differences?

Bettinardi Putter Features

Bettinardi is a name synonymous with precision and craftsmanship in the golfing world. The putters from Bettinardi are often milled from a single block of high-quality carbon steel or aluminum, resulting in a putter face that provides consistent impact and feel. The company employs its proprietary “F.I.T.” (Feel Impact Technology) face milling to create a soft feel upon impact, thereby aiding in distance control and enhancing player confidence. This meticulous milling process also eliminates any inconsistencies in the face, offering more reliable roll and improved accuracy.

Bettinardi’s putter range spans various designs, including blades, mid-mallets, and mallets, each offering different levels of forgiveness and alignment aids. The company often incorporates advanced materials such as carbon fiber and unique weighting systems to optimize the moment of inertia (MOI), making the putters stable and forgiving on off-center hits. Another feature that stands out is the variety in neck designs like plumber’s neck, flow neck, and center shaft, allowing golfers to choose a configuration that best suits their stroke mechanics.

The aesthetics of Bettinardi putters are characterized by a blend of traditional elegance and modern sophistication. Customization options are abundant, from personalized headcovers to various finish options and engravings. The aesthetic appeal doesn’t just serve to catch the eye but also plays a functional role; for instance, the sightlines are designed to facilitate better alignment, and the finely milled faces contribute to a truer roll. Bettinardi putters appeal to golfers who prioritize craftsmanship and are willing to invest in a premium product that offers both performance and style.

Evnroll Putters Features

Evnroll putters have carved out a reputation for technology-driven performance, anchored by their patented “Sweet Face Technology.” This unique milling pattern on the face provides a more consistent roll by distributing the energy more evenly across the face. If your putt strikes the toe or heel, this technology minimizes the speed loss, allowing the ball to travel nearly the same distance as a center strike. It essentially extends the “sweet spot,” offering a higher level of forgiveness.

In terms of design, Evnroll also offers a variety of options, from traditional blade putters to innovative mallet designs. Unlike Bettinardi, Evnroll focuses more on incorporating high MOI into almost all of its designs, often using multi-material construction to redistribute weight to the putter’s perimeter. This enhances stability and forgiveness, particularly beneficial for golfers who struggle with inconsistent strokes.

Aesthetically, Evnroll putters are generally more utilitarian, focusing on functional aspects like alignment aids and visibility features. They may lack the high-end customization options that Bettinardi offers, but they make up for it by delivering straightforward performance. Evnroll appeals to the golfer who values technology and innovation, aiming to bring a more forgiving and consistent option to the game.

Choosing Between Bettinardi and Evnroll

When faced with a choice between Bettinardi and Evnroll putters, your decision will hinge on several key considerations. If you are a player who values craftsmanship, superior materials, and aesthetic customization, Bettinardi’s offerings may align more closely with your preferences. Their putters offer a premium experience with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you not only have a high-performing club but also a visually pleasing one.

On the other hand, if you’re more concerned about forgiveness and utilizing technological advancements to improve your game, Evnroll might be the more suitable option. Their “Sweet Face Technology” expands the effective sweet spot, offering more consistent distance control on mishits, which could be especially beneficial for high-handicap players or those who struggle with putting accuracy.


Lastly, consider your putting stroke and how each brand’s specific designs and weighting options might complement it. Bettinardi offers a wider array of neck designs that could suit a variety of stroke paths, from straight-back-straight-through to a more pronounced arc. Evnroll’s focus on high MOI designs will benefit those looking for added stability in their stroke, particularly if they have a tendency for off-center hits. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to a mix of personal preference, performance needs, and aesthetic desires. Both brands offer exceptional quality, but their strengths cater to different aspects of the putting game.

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