Bridgestone B330 RX vs E6: Which Is Better?

The Bridgestone B330 RX and E6 are excellent golf balls.

In this article, we look at some of the differences and similarities between the two balls. At the end of the day, you should be able to choose the most suitable one for your game from the two.

Let’s get started. But first, let’s look at a short review of each one:

Bridgestone B330 RX vs E6: Which Is Better?

Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball

Bridgestone B330 RX vs E6

The Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls are designed for players with moderate swing speeds.

If you’re confident in your skill but want a new way to achieve max distance on your shots, this is a good ball for you.

The ball offers excellent tour performance, coupled with good spin control. Bridgestone also ensures that with this ball, you get a longer distance when playing.

The E6 comes in a 2-piece construction.

And it’s compressed into a much softer and larger core, so it can carry as much power as the spherical shape will allow.

This build is what allows the ball to provide excellent speed without losing softness to the touch.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a ball that meshes distance and speed, you should try this ball. In the design department, the E6 also excels.

It’s rounded in an elegant core that allows it to go further.

Thus, making it a good option for mid-to-high handicappers. With its low compression, you’ll get a moderate trajectory at incredible speed.

Those with lower swings can also benefit from further ball distance when hitting the ball.

How does it feel?

Bridgestone E6 soft is Bridgestone’s best-feeling e-series ball. As is evident the E9 Soft will give us much more comfort than the Speed, which will have a firmer feel.

You will notice how the ball compresses when you swing it.

Some golf balls have a hard feel, usually ideal for high handicap golfers. Soft golf balls have a much softer feel on the clubface.

Choosing one or the other will depend on what your preference is and what allows you to better control how you swing.

Bridgestone B330 RX Golf Ball

Bridgestone B330 RX or E6

As an avid golfer you probably know that while almost all golf balls look identical, some are very different.

The Bridgestone B330 RX is a specialist golf ball that is designed specifically for amateur golf players with a slow swing speed.

This review will look at what sets the B330RX apart from other golf balls on the market.

HydroCore Technology

The B330RX is one of the first balls from Bridgestone to use a patented hydro core technology.

This means that the ball has a very accurately measured amount of water in the core of the ball.

The engineers at Bridgestone discovered that adding water helps to improve stability and increase range.

As the hydro core is a patented invention you will only be able to buy these balls from Bridgestone.

Who Is B330RX Perfect for?

The B330RX is aimed specifically at amateurs with a golf swing speed of under 100mph.

The design of the ball makes it possible to get the longest distance without a very high swing speed.

Even some experienced golfers find themselves switching to the B330RX when their swing speed starts to slow down.


The B330RX is slightly more expensive than some other brands of golf balls, however, when compared to Bridgestone balls it’s quite competitive.

It’s great value for money and will help you to improve your game.


As you would expect with any Bridgestone golf ball, these are very hard-wearing and long-lasting balls.

There have been some reports of the balls splitting however this is quite a rare occurrence.

Bridgestone will also replace any balls which split prematurely when used under normal conditions.

The B330RX is available in both white and optic yellow to make it easier to spot your ball on the course.

For anyone who is looking for a golf ball that will help improve their range and hopefully reduce their handicap then the B330RX is certainly worth considering.

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