Bridgestone E5 vs E6: How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the right golf ball in this modern day is surprisingly difficult.

This is not because the golf balls are not good enough, but rather because they are too good.

Numerous brands around the world produce some of the best golf balls that can be found.

So the question is actually being able to choose one from the rest.

Bridgestone is one of the top golf ball brands that doesn’t make this easy.

Bridgestone has so many good products that choosing one is very difficult. Of all Bridgestone’s products, the E5 and the E6 are the hardest to choose from.

These two from the E series are so alike, yet so different. So, how are you going to choose the best one? To answer this below is a comparison of both golf balls.

Bridgestone E5 vs E6: How to Choose the Right One

Bridgestone E5 vs E6


Both of these golf balls are from the E series. Due to this, their design is mostly the same.

The E5 is made up of a urethane top layer and a gradational core. These two work flawlessly to make the E5 the best golf ball for long distances.

The E6, however, makes use of a Surlyn cover, instead of the traditional urethane top layer.

This is why most golfers regard the E6 as the improved version of the E5. Both of these golf balls have the same dimple pattern that Bridgestone is well known for.

The Spin

The spin of a golf ball is another important feature that golfers look out for. The E5 is a high-spinning golf ball that can really go the distance.

Due to this, it is best for golfers who have a very low trajectory. The E5 also feels very hard when hit.

This is due to its high-compression core.

On the other hand, the E6 is a soft and dependable golf ball.

It is a low-spinning golf ball that is better for short and tricky distances. Its top layer is made of Surlyn, so it has a very soft landing.


When it comes to distance, it is best to say that both balls excel. The E5 can be seen as the perfect ball for long distances.

However, its high spin makes it capable of long distances, however, this comes at a cost.

This cost is that the E5 does not have a straight flight path. This, of course, affects its accuracy a little. Still, this is not a problem for pro golfers.

The E6, on the other hand, is perfect for short distances.

It is a low-spinning ball so may not perform well if you’re looking for better distance in your shots.

However, it has a higher accuracy rate. Therefore, this golf ball is perfect for people who want to start small.


The durability of a golf ball is another feature that most golfers pay attention to.

After all, nobody wants a golf ball that can not be used just after some time.

The E series is regarded as some of the most durable golf balls ever made.

The E5 can be used for a long time without the golfer worrying about it shredding or losing its shape. This is due to its compressed core and its impervious top layer.

This also seems to be the case for the E6 as well. The E6 is also known for its increased durability.

However, the E6 is not as durable as the E5. It seems that Bridgestone is one of the few golf ball brands that really consider just how durable their golf balls are.


Depending on where they are bought, both the E5 and the E6 are pretty much the same price. Thankfully, this price is actually very low.

Bridgestone provides a lot of efficient golf balls at a cheap price.

Construction and Build Quality

In terms of construction, there are noticeable differences between e6 and e5.

While the e5 features a two-piece design, the e6 comes with an improved, more modern three-piece layer with a Surlyn cover.

While Bridgestone claims the e5 is created with a soft feel, the e6 is an improvement as it’s considered the softest multi-layered golf ball in the series.

Who Should Play the Balls?

At some point, you have to consider your level when purchasing golf equipment. The same goes for golf balls.

While professional golf players can cope with any ball, amateurs may find certain balls difficult to play.

If you’re a beginner golf player, both e5 and e6 are suitable golf balls.

The e6 is designed to give you a straight shot so if you are having problems getting your shots farther, this is the ball for you.

However, if you are looking for a ball with lots of spin and a higher trajectory, then consider the e5. If your shots are already high, go for the e6 instead.

Bridgestone E5 or E6: Which Do I Go For?

Bridgestone E5 or E6

If you are a golfer who has a very low trajectory and wants to go the distance, it is best to go for the E5.

However, if you want a golf ball that is perfect for short distances and accurate, go for the E6.

Whichever one you go for, it is best to say that the E series is truly the best golf balls Bridgestone has to offer.

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