Bridgestone E6 vs. Srixon Q-Star: Which is Better?

A good quality golf ball will improve your club, and a bad one might be terrible for it.

You must choose a golf ball that provides maximum distance and performance.

The core is also essential. A soft ball will enhance control and give you complete charge of the game.

The past few years have seen manufacturers developing soft golf balls that offer premium performance at reasonable prices.

Bridgestone and Srixon are two brands that fit this narrative.

Today, we’ll be comparing their products: Bridgestone E6 and Srixon Q-star Tour, respectively, to determine which is the best for you.

Bridgestone E6 vs. Srixon Q-Star: Overview

Bridgestone E6 vs. Srixon Q-Star

If you’ve decided to buy either the Srixon Q-Star Tour or Bridgestone E6, they are two top products not highly expensive but offer outstanding performance for someone looking to improve their games.

Both products are exceptional tour-level balls.

They are of high quality and a reason for their popularity alongside not being too expensive like other products of the same quality.

Let’s compare these products using some factors discussed below to establish the better one.

Bridgestone E6 vs. Srixon Q-Star: Which is Better?

Bridgestone E6 vs. Srixon Q-Star


Both golf balls are premium products that offer excellent durability.

The Srixon Q-star Tour offers better durability because it’s developed with 2-pieces, and the lonomer is the cover material.

This golf ball meets all standards and offers impressive longevity.

The Bridgestone E6 also offers immense durability.

However, after some time, the wedges may begin to scrape the ball’s surface easily because the shell is a bit mushy.


With its 338-speed Dimple Pattern, the Srixon Q-star is ideal for long distances.

This pattern enables the ball to enjoy less resistance but more lift. You’ll have greater control and attain longer shots.

On the other hand, the Bridgestone E6 features the Delta Dimple design. It is packed with more extended iron spin and a low driver.

Hence, users will enjoy a straighter distance while the green-side performance isn’t compromised. The design provides increased air resistance so the swing can go further.


This Srixon golf ball is a low-spin ball. It boasts a new design and a better spin skin with SeRM.

As such, it provides greater accuracy on shots because it assists in keeping the ball in any direction you desire.

Conversely, the E6 golf ball has a softer construction. It offers a noticeable slice spin and lower hook.

Hence, average players will enjoy improved distance and more extraordinary call trajectories.

But due to the absence of multi-layered utterance cover, high-swing speed professional players might not enjoy the ball as expected.


The Srixon golf ball has a soft feel courtesy of the FastLayer core.

It has a firm outer edge that provides good speeds, which makes the ball attain more extended distances.

Even though it might be as soft as the compression rating suggests, it is very soft.

Generally, the Q-Star has a much softer feel than the Bridgestone E6. It holds the greens exceptionally well than the E6.


Both golf balls offer good value for money.

When compared, there are no significant differences in their prices, and they are within the same range.

However, compared to other products with similar characteristics, they are generally less expensive.

Bridgestone E6 vs. Srixon Q-Star: Pros And Cons

Pros Of Bridgestone E6

  • Perfect for slower swing speeds
  • It comes in white or yellow
  • Relatively affordable compared to the quality
  • Improves slicing and shanking
  • Excellent feel off woods and irons
  • Sophisticated three-piece design


  • Not great for golfers with faster swing speeds
    The balls bounce too much on approach shots
    Hard to work
    A bit pricier than the Srixon balls

Pros of Srixon Q-Star

  • Provides good distance
  • Softer feel and thin cover
  • Ideal for both slow and fast swing speeds
  • Great feel with longer irons
  • Great core design


  • The cover is not exceptionally durable
  • They often spin a lot on the green
  • Higher compression
  • The sound is not great off the driver’s face

Bridgestone E6 vs. Srixon Q-Star: Which is Better?

Both golf balls are exceptional golf balls that golfers can enjoy without having to spend too much.

They are great options for golfers because of their premium quality, which can serve for a long time.

They have many similarities. The distance is pretty much the same, and there are no significant differences in the prices.

Both also offer different unique features, and the better one will depend on your skill level.

The Bridgestone ball is one of the straightest balls on the market. It has less side spin, which assists in keeping the shots in play.

The ball offers better flight and feels on low compression, making it ideal for average golfers. It’s not great for fast swing players.

On the other hand, the Srixon Q-Star performs better on the green approach and wedge shots. It has a softer feel and better hold too.

The ball is perfect for both slow and fast swing-speed players. If you seek a better slice, too, it’s a golf ball to consider.

Wrapping Up: Bridgestone E6 or Srixon Q-Star?

As established above, both golf balls have different unique features that cater to varying levels of golfers.

You’ll need to choose the one that suits your level of play and the area that requires improvement.

If you’re an average golfer, the Bridgestone E6 is your ideal golf ball. The Srixon Q-Star, on the other hand, is excellent for all levels of golfers.

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