Caddytek vs. Clicgear: WHICH is Better?

If you’re a golfer who takes the game seriously, you’ll often need to take your clubs and other golf accessories to the green, especially if you play for several hours weekly.

As such, you’ll understand the importance of golf carts.

A golf cart will help you convey your clubs during the game so they can follow you along in whatever direction you move on the field.

Once you realize the importance of a golf cart, choosing the best one might be another obstacle to scale.

Caddytek and Clicgear are two good brands you might find and be unable to choose between, as it’s the case for many other golfers.

If you’re in this predicament, this article is for you.

We’ll compare and contrast these brands using their best products: Caddytek EZ Fold 3 and Clicgear 3.5+ push carts, respectively.

Caddytek vs. Clicgear: Overview

Caddytek vs. Clicgear

The Caddytek EZ Fold 3 and Clicgear 3.5+ push carts are some of the best golf carts you can buy now.

They are packed with numerous features golfers prioritize in their golf carts.

Both golf carts show extreme similarities and differences.

They are both manual-type machines designed with aluminum, making them sturdy and durable.

The aluminum frame is aircraft-grade, so it doesn’t break easily, and it offers exceptional longevity. It’s scratch-proof and doesn’t rust like metal.

As mentioned above, both golf carts show different unique features. We’ll establish their differences using the factors below:


When you unbox the Caddytek EZ-Fold 3, the package comes with an adjustable umbrella holder, drink holders, two ball bags, heat covers, and a cooler/storage room.

The Clicgear Model 3.5+ golf push cart also features an umbrella holder, storage net, storage compartment, scorecard holder, and cup holder.


The weight factor is an important one to consider before buying a golf cart.

You don’t want to buy something too heavy and can’t be easily pushed around.

Both of these golf carts are lightweight and compact push carts. However, the Clicgear push cart is a bit lighter than CaddyTek.

In contrast, the former weighs 18 pounds, and the latter weighs 18.5 pounds.

Generally, both are lightweight, and customers have never complained of any of them being a burden.


Caddytek vs. Clicgear

Size is also an essential factor, and this review will be incomplete without comparing them.

Large size could be a deal breaker because you should choose a golf cart that can fold nicely into a compact size and fit inside your car.

CaddyTek golf push cart has a 44″ height, 53.5″ weight, and 31.3″ depth. On the other hand, the Clicgear model has a 47″ height, 55″ weight, and 31″ deep.

In comparison, we can deduce that Clicgear is smaller. However, in general, both carts are bigger than the average size and not in any way small.


Both golf carts have three maintenance wheels attached to ball bearings, facilitating smooth movement over uneven terrains.

The wheels are good, and they glide smoothly without noise from the action.


The CaddyTek EZ Fold 3 has an adjustable height handle that can be adjusted by turning the knob.

This feature lets you adjust the heights and set them in a natural position comfortable for you.

The material and construction quality is top-notch.

Clicgear Model 3.5+ also has an adjustable push handle that is ideal for short or tall players.

This handle can be adjusted easily to a more comfortable position to push.

It also has hand brake features which are much easier to use rather than the foot brake the CaddyTek EZ fold has.


Both golf carts are designed with quality materials that offer immense durability.

They are made with a solid aluminum frame that doesn’t rust or corrode, unlike metal. Hence, you’ll enjoy them for a long time.


From unboxing to assembling, the process is relatively easy for both golf carts.

The instruction booklets are user-friendly and help customers to build their products quickly.

On average, for both products, users claimed that they could be set up within 15 minutes.

The brands also offer many videos online that customers can watch to understand the assembling process.


Generally, golf accessories or equipment are expensive. You’ll pay hefty fees to improve your games by buying quality materials.

Hence, it’s justifiable to seek products with lesser prices to save costs. When compared, the Clicgear cart is pricier than the CaddyTek product.

Caddytek vs. Clicgear: WHICH is Better?

Both products are exceptional golf carts that provide exemplary performance and durability.

From the comparison, it’s evident that they share many similarities.

The significant difference between them is the price point. Clicgear is more expensive.

Also, weight can be another deciding factor.

The weights are within the same range, but the CaddyTek is heavier. The hand brake mechanism is another advantage Clicgear has over CaddyTek.

These selling points are something to ponder upon and choose the best for yourself, depending on your priorities.

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