How To Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Batteries are an essential part of machines, and golf carts are not an exception.

The golf carts have different volts of batteries depending on the type. A golf cart might operate on 6-volt or 8-volt.

The carts feature a charger which makes charging more manageable and increases the cart’s functionality.

If you own 8-volt golf batteries, you’ll want to charge them regularly, so they don’t run dead.

Charging the batteries is relatively easy, depending on whether you understand the amperage, voltage, and battery pack system.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to charge 8-volt golf cart batteries in the most straightforward means and save you from all the jargon and technicalities.

How to Charge 8-Volt Golf Cart Batteries

How To Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

The process of charging the 8-volt golf cart battery is relatively easy. It’s similar to a car’s battery when it’s dead.

The most straightforward method is to plug the correct charging cable into the corresponding battery post and then switch on the charger.

Yes, it’s that simple. Connect the charger to the appropriate battery post.

You don’t even need to remove the batteries. You can also connect the batteries in a series connection or do it one after the other.

When the charger has received enough power, you should be able to start the golf cart charger so it can do the remaining work.

However, ensure you disconnect the external charger to avoid overcharging the batteries, resulting in severe damage.

Another great way to charge the 8-volt golf cart batteries is to use a 6-volt battery charger.

This option is most helpful if the 8-volt golf cart batteries are dead already.

You should be able to connect the golf cart charger and transport the batteries the rest of the way once they’ve recharged enough.

Furthermore, you can use a charger of 12-volt batteries to boost your 8-volt batteries.

If that is not an option, you might try connecting the charger clip on the positive and negative terminals of the batteries to boost them.

For each method, your batteries should come up after 15-20 minutes.

If they don’t, it might be an indication of a problem. You can do a simple test to confirm the batteries are bad.

Each battery should be tested separately using a voltmeter. You might only be able to swap out one defective battery if the other batteries are new.

Otherwise, you might need to have your golf cart’s batteries wholly replaced. Generally, you’ll need to change all the batteries.

How Long Should You Charge 8-volt Battery?

How To Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

The amount of time to charge the 8-volt golf cart batteries is not long.

However, it largely depends on the charger’s power output.

It means that the higher the power output, the faster it will charge the batteries and vice versa.

Hence, it’s important to charge them fully without overcharging. Otherwise, the effectiveness is reduced.

Can You Charge An 8-volt Battery with a 12-volt Charger?


As described above, it’s possible to charge an 8-volt battery with a 12-volt charger.

Generally, the 12-volt charger will provide more power output than the 8-volt battery. However, this method is not the best for charging an 8-volt battery.

Most technicians advise against using the 12-volt battery charger to recharge the 8-volt battery because it can damage the charger.

Can You Revive the Battery Manually?

Yes, you can indeed charge the battery manually. It also shouldn’t take long if you know how to. If you are unsure, then I will share a video with you that’ll guide you.

This video from Homestead

Will show you how to charge it manually

You can also revive the battery if it is dead. Here is another video showing you how to revive your golf cart battery.

This is mostly a troubleshooting guide and a short one too. So, come back here when you’re done:

Can You Use a 6-volt Charger To Recharge An 8-volt Battery?

While a 6-volt charger might charge an 8-volt battery, it’s not recommended as it’s not a great way to charge the battery.

It may be tempting to use this charger, especially in a pinch. However, the consequence is daunting.

The charger can draw the remaining power from the battery. In most cases, the charger will shut down.

Generally, the critical factor in charging an 8-volt battery is ensuring the charger voltage matches the battery voltage.

Can You Charge Golf Cart Batteries with a Normal Charger?

Generally, Golf cart batteries come with their charger. This charger is the most ideal for charging batteries.

However, if the charger is unavailable, you can use a similar charger, such as a car charger.

It’s worth stating that the procedure is different and can be pretty tedious.

Golf carts operate on a high-volt system, with a minimum of 24v and a maximum of 48v. Hence, you might need to adjust the battery wiring to use a regular charger.

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