Coolest Putter Covers: What Are Some of the Best Ones?

Putters are one of the most essential but expensive golf accessories.

One thing is spending a hefty fee to buy a putter, and another is properly maintaining it and ensuring it doesn’t get damaged to avoid additional costs on repairs.

Because you move them in and out of the bag, putters are prone to damage. The face can get dented or damaged in the process.

When this happens, the putter won’t work correctly again, hindering your performance.

Hence why there’s a critical need to use putter covers. A putter cover will help you keep your golf face well-protected.

However, there are numerous types and designs of covers with varying degrees of functionality, making choosing one an arduous task.

Which are the best and most fantastic putter covers?

Follow along as we reveal the best putter covers you can choose from.

The Best and Coolest Putter Covers

Coolest Putter Covers

Putter covers are designed for a sole purpose: to protect the putter’s head from damage.

But you’ll realize that many are on the market, and some are just good in the fashion sense rather than for function or features.

Below are some cool putter covers that combine both features, making them worth considering:

USA Stars and Stripes Golf Putter Head Cover

The USA Star and Stripes golf putter head cover is a rare gem.

It has a flag, making it ideal for patriotic American players, and often called the best patriotic putter cover. It’s a go-to accessory for players seeking a contemporary putter cover.

This putter head is designed with synthetic PU leather, offering extreme durability and reliability. It boasts high quality and lasts for a long time.

It has a heavy fur lining to cushion the clubs from defects happening because of striking. The cover is also lightweight with fascinating resistance to water.

It is easy to maintain, and you can wash it using any mild detergent. Generally, it offers excellent performance and good value for money.


  • Excellent materials with high durability
  • Lightweight and water-resistant
  • Have a solid magnetic closure
  • Excellent color and design


  • The stitching is poor

Poker Ace Blade Magnetic Putter Headcover

The Poker Ace Blade Magnetic putter headcover is one for any player who wants a putter cover with exceptional value for money.

This putter cover combines both aesthetics and durability. It has a sleek and stylish look, and the material is good.

This cover aligns with almost all putter brands as it fits securely. It is designed with durable synthetic leathers, which are dust and water-resistant. It also has a magnet that safeguards the putter securely.


  • Great design and color
  • Striking and useful appearance
  • It provides a safe and secure fit
  • Designed with premium synthetic leather
  • Giftable golf club putter cover


  • Weak magnet closure

Odyssey Golf Tempest III Putter Head Cover

The Odyssey Golf Tempest III putter head cover termed the best mallet putter over, is the favorite cover pick for Amazon.

It is produced and designed by Callaway, a premium and reputable golf accessories manufacturer. This cover has a gorgeous black cover which gives an appealing appearance.

It features a magnetic locking mechanism which ensures the safety of the club head. It’s super protective and comfortable. Overall, it’s an ideal cover for both blade-style and mallet-style putters.


  • A magnetic closing mechanism for a secure fit
  • Great material and design
  • Available for both blade and mallet putters
  • Great putter cover for oversized putters


  • Relatively expensive
  • Very poor magnet

Giggle Golf Mallet Putter Cover

Coolest Putter Covers

The Giggle Golf Mallet putter cover is an excellent golf gift for men and women. These covers are for players who like funky golf tools and seek to include humor in their games.

They are the best golf putter cover for comic relief. They offer numerous crazy designs that boost fascinating colors and colorful embroidery.

Each design has different sayings inscribed on them with additional embroidery and colors. These covers are enormous and can contain oversized mallet putters.

Inside the putter cover, there’s a polyester lining to ensure the putter is well protected.

The magnetic closure also secures the putter’s head comfortably. Finally, they are affordable with reasonable fabrics.


  • Lightweight, washable and water-resistant
  • It comes in vibrant colors and designs
  • It boasts premium magnet closure
  • Reasonably priced


  • The size doesn’t fit

Craftsman Golf Blue Strips Square Mallet Putter Cover

This putter cover is the most durable golf putter cover on the market. It’s for every fan of custom products. It’s customizable, and your name can be embroidered so you won’t lose the cover.

It is made of synthetic PU leather offering outstanding durability. It also has excellent water resistance, and it’s super protective.

The magnetic closure on this cover is robust enough to protect the putter safely. However, the design is only ideal for a blade-style cover.


  • Resilient magnetic closure
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Durable and washable
  • Contemporary design
  • Customizable
  • Cushioned with substantial lining for excellent protection


  • Bulkier than expected


Your putter will be prone to damage if you don’t have a good head cover. The cover will help you safeguard the putter and ensure you enjoy it for a long time. While there are many head covers, some are better than others.

The list we provided in the article is an excellent place to start if you seek to buy a quality head cover. Whichever you buy from the list, you’ll enjoy good value for money.

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