Dynamic Gold X100 vs. S400: Which is Better?

True Temper develops Dynamic Gold golf shafts, the most shafts successful in golf history.

These shafts are some of the most impressive in the golf market.

They are designed for golfers aiming for a penetrating ball flight with maximum control and accuracy.

Dynamic Gold golf shafts are the Gold Standard by which every other iron shaft is measured. Speaking of qualities, the Dynamic Gold X100 and S400 are two of the most popular shafts.

Which is the better between the two shafts?

As great as they are, they have significant similarities and differences which every golfer must understand before choosing.

Let’s analyze these Dynamic Gold golf shafts and choose the better one, depending on your skill level.


Dynamic Gold X100 vs s400

The Dynamic Gold X100 is a famous golf shaft for PGA Tour players. It’s a great piece that has proven its efficiency in improving performance and feel.

The Dynamic Gold S400 is the standard stiff flex shaft of the True Temper collection.

It’s built to provide a lower spin, ball flight, and higher speed. It’s a famous option for numerous Titleist irons.

Both shafts share many similarities and differences.

To differentiate between them, we’ll be comparing them using some important factors as follows:

Dynamic Gold X100 vs. S400: Weights

X100 and S400 are deemed heavyweight shafts, their weights are equivalent, and the tip and butt diameter is the same.

The S400 offers a wide range of weight options, while the X100 only has one weight: 130 grams.

The heavier S400 means it gives increased control over the swing.

The lighter X100 gives higher swing speed because you’ll hit the ball further. The swing rate will also be faster, and you’ll get more speed all through the swing.

Dynamic Gold X100 vs. S400: Launch

The launch is a major distinguishing factor between the two shafts. The S400 offers a high launch trajectory, while the X100 has a less launch trajectory.

The S400 will enhance ball heights, making it ideal for golfers seeking to improve their shots.

On the other hand, the X100 will maintain the ball lower in the air. For clarity, the low-launch X100 generates about 9° while the high-launch S400 will yield about 11.6°.

Dynamic Gold X100 vs. S400: Flex

Both shafts have different flex options.

The S400 has stiff flex, while the X100 has extra stiffness. You’ll need to choose the shafts whose stiffness is ideal for your skill.

This stiff option indicates that the S400 is excellent for swing speeds from 84mph-104mph, making it perfect for regular or casual golfers.

On the contrary, the extra stiff option of X100 is ideal for swing speeds of 92 mph-105 mph.

This shaft is perfect for professionals and high-level amateurs.

Generally, the stiffer a shaft is, the better control it gives your swing. A fast swing will need a stronger shaft to maintain its form and shape and attain more control.

Dynamic Gold X100 vs. S400: Length

Regarding length, the S400 is shorter than the X100 to some extent.

As such, the X100 shaft will provide significant speed. However, it might be challenging to smash the center of the club’s face.

In the case of the S400, because it’s shorter, it will attain lower speed but increase the chances of hitting the center of the club face.

So it depends on the level of the golfer.

A shorter shaft is the best deal for casual or amateur golfers because, for this kind of level, squaring the club is a more vital option compared to obtaining club speed.

The longer X100 will travel more distance with the swing arc providing it sufficient time to accelerate and attain improved speed.

Dynamic Gold X100 vs. S400: Which Is Better?

Both Dynamic Gold shafts are high-performing equipment. To choose the better one, you must understand your skill level and what you want.

These shafts are similar, yet they have plenty of differences.

The differences can influence your decision as you’ll choose the one that matches your skill and desire.

Hence, understanding what type of golfer you are and what you require to improve your game is vital in the decision-making process.

To help you decide, here are a few recommendations to consider to make an informed decision:

Choose S400 if:

  • You need more control during your swing
  • You have medium-high club head speeds
  • And have a lower swing speed and want more height on the ball.

On the other hand, choose X100 if:

  • You wish to maintain the ball flight low
  • You have high club head speeds

It might be hard to decide on the better one because they cater to different needs. However, the recommendation above is a good guide.

When you see that one of these shafts is suitable and can help you improve your skill, you should go for it.

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