Golf Galaxy vs PGA Superstore: What’s the Difference?

When you look at the price of golf clubs and other equipment, it becomes paramount to ensure you’re getting the right one.

Because, if your tool is not the right fitting, you will not only waste money but can also injure yourself while playing.

No wonder there are dozens of club-fitting stores; more keeps opening up.

The most popular right now seem to be Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstore, Club Champion, etc. Unfortunately, fitting into these clubs can sometimes be hit or miss.

And while they have different names, they all look to be similar. So, how can you differentiate?

By considering the experience of other golfers who have gone there to fit as well as the pricing model for each.

In this article, we’ll be looking at and comparing both PGA Superstore and Golf Galaxy. Keep reading.

Golf Galaxy vs PGA Superstore: Which is Better?


Golf Galaxy vs PGA Superstore

The truth is that the experience of each golf at each fitting store may differ. While some prefer GG over PGASS, others find the opposite to be true.

The most important is the employee that fits you.

If you meet the right employee, both can work for you. Unfortunately, it can be the other way around too.

It can also depend on the location too since that can affect the tool available and ultimately the performance.

However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be one that is universally better than the other. Fortunately, that’s what this article aims to give you.

To let you know what most people feel more comfortable with between the two.

Pricing Model

In terms of pricing, they are pretty similar. However, PGASS actually offers a free fitting while GG starts at around $100.

That means you will be able to try the clubs on a club monitor and see where you go from there.

Another service that PGASS also offer is Tour Van Experience where you work with a professional to try out different stock shafts until you find the right feel, look, and performance.

That makes them cheaper than GG, which would make sense for anyone looking at it from a pricing point of view.

Recognition & Miscellaneous Features

Golf Galaxy has a greater brand recognition than PGA Superstore in general.

PGA is reported to have more convenient customer support and also offers zip financing and international shipping policies which Golf Galaxy doesn’t.

PGA also doesn’t accept PayPal payments and modification of policies which Golf Galaxy gives the liberty to.

Both brands offer frequent discounts and promotions during holidays or festive sessions, one might watch out for those.

Locations to Fit

The main difference between Golf Galaxy and PGA Tour Superstore will be the number of locations they’re available in.

Golf Galaxy has 35 stores and PGA has 22, both brands are spread around the States – but they also have online stores.

This means you are more likely to come across a Golf Galaxy store than a PGA Superstore, and Golf Galaxy probably has more exposure and a higher chance of risk than PGA.

The retail brands also offer fitting services at their various locations but Golf Galaxy also gives you the option of scheduling an online session.

Service Variety

PGA Superstore provides fewer fitting services than Golf Galaxy: putter, golf ball, wedge, iron, and driver fitting, and an upgraded fitting experience via the PGA Tour Superstore studio.

Golf Galaxy has a more flexible range of choices which includes the services offered by PGA Superstore and a bit more: hybrid analysis, shaft fitting, grip fitting analysis, club comparison, and a virtual club advisor.

Club Champion vs Big Box Stores

The advantage of Club Champion is that their testing option is limitless, compared to both Golf Galaxy and PGA Superstore and other big box stores.

These stores are only able to use the shaft options that are available to them through the manufacturer.

And the branches vary in what is available to them.

The only advantage is that they are cheaper than Club Champion. So, if you can’t afford the expensive club fitting, then you can go with PGA Superstore.

At least, they have more goodwill than their counterpart.

Final Thoughts on GG and PGASS

The general thought of both box stores is that their services are generally poor.

A lot of golfers who have gone fitting for both GG and PGASS have complained of extremely poor fitting, which eventually affects their club pricing.

Most recommend Club Champion, so if you have one in your location, you may want to consider that.

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