Press Release: Golf Inc Magazine Monthly Merges With Pro Golf Advisor As of June 14, 2022

Golf Inc Magazine Monthly was a magazine dedicated to all things golf. It’s a content resource that hosts the best information about golf and related sports. On June 14, 2022, The Golf Inc Magazine was acquired and merged into Chenden is the CEO and head of operations at All the resources on Golf Inc Magazine are now archived on this website.

About the Golf Inc Magazine Monthly

This is a magazine that is released once a month covering all the latest happenings in golf. You’ll learn about the best players of all time, new equipment, the best golf courses, and so on. The magazine also covers a lot of golf tips for both experienced and beginner golfers. For even more insights, check out the latest articles on

About Pro Golf Advisor

Since the beginning of 2022, the Pro Golf Advisor is a dedicated resource on golf. It covers and shares recommendations on golf accessories, tips, equipment, and other relevant golf news that both pros and beginners will find useful. The closely knitted interest between Golf Inc Magazine and Pro Golf Advisor made this merger possible.

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