Golftec vs PGA Superstore Fitting: Which is Better?

The golf lifestyle…

We are talking about everything from golf clubs to balls, launch monitors, rangefinders, simulators, shoes, bags, apparel, memorabilia, and accessories.

Golftec and PGA Tour Superstore are a few of the many golf retailers that provide golf-style products.

They rank among the top brand choices for golf enthusiasts and are available in many locations.

They each have some unique perks that make them stand out from each other, and that is what will be discussed here.

PGA Tour Superstore is more premium-like than Golftec, but each has relatively the same price for the services they offer.

Golftec is a subsidiary company of Dick’s Sporting Goods, a sporting goods retail company that has been around since the early 90s.

PGA Tour Superstore was founded in 2003, it is by a long-range younger than Golftec but has seen exponential growth over the years.

Golftec vs PGA Superstore Fitting: Which is Better?

Golftec vs PGA Superstore Fitting

Locations Available

The main difference between Golftec and PGA Tour Superstore will be the number of locations they’re available in.

Golftec has 35 stores and PGA has 22, both brands are spread around The States – but they also have online stores.

This means you are more likely to come across a Golftec store than a PGA Superstore, and Golftec probably has more exposure and a higher chance of risk than PGA.

The retail brands also offer fitting services at their various locations but Golftec also gives you the option of scheduling an online session.

Fitting Services from Both Brands

PGA Superstore provides fewer fitting services than Golftec: putter, golf ball, wedge, iron, and driver fitting, and an upgraded fitting experience via the PGA Tour Superstore studio.

Golftec has a more flexible range of choices which includes the services offered by PGA Superstore and a bit more: hybrid analysis, shaft fitting, grip fitting analysis, club comparison, and a virtual club advisor.

Apart from selling clubheads, and golf balls, and offering fitting services, both brands also offer apparel, accessories, and even shoes.

The price between the two retailers is fairly compatible, especially within the apparel range.

Brand Recognition

Golftec has a greater brand recognition than PGA Superstore in general.

PGA is reported to have more convenient customer support and also offers zip financing and international shipping policies which Golftec doesn’t.

PGA also doesn’t accept PayPal payments and modification of policies which Golftec gives the liberty to.

Both brands offer frequent discounts and promotions during holidays or festive sessions, one might watch out for those.

Fitting Experience

When it comes to fitting experience, PGA Tour Superstore has an ace here with their PGA fitting van.

It is a private session with a PGA fitter aimed at delivering a totally immersive fitting session.

This custom club fitting will be able to help you get the most out of your game.

Golftec vs PGA Superstore Lessons

Golftec vs PGA Superstore

PGA Superstore Lessons

If you have PGA Superstores in your locality, you can check them out. They should have video recording, swing analysis, launch monitor and a lot of other lessons that’ll help you get better at the game.

The price could be as much as $300, which will include all of these lessons in a simulator, for 45 minutes.

GolfTec Lessons

GolfTec has a similar spec but isn’t as expansive and sophisticated. For one, you may not get to practice in a simulator, which might be okay with some people.

They lack in a few other things but the one that strikes the most is that they might be more expensive. A user reports $400 for 30-minute lessons, which doesn’t include $100 for them to analyze your swing.

Golftec vs PGA Superstore Fitting: Making Your CHOICE

Concluding, Golftec as a brand has a bigger reputation than PGA, but the latter is just as competent.

Also, each brand might have some unique set of collections in their memorabilia sections like autographed shirts, balls, clubs, etc, course maps, and many others.

PGA seems to have a larger collection here.

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