Heavenwood vs 7 Wood: Which SHOULD You Choose?

Evaluating your shot from the plush fairway, you glance down the lush green path stretching towards the flag fluttering in the distance.

It’s a moment of decisive action, where the choice of your club can dramatically shift the game in your favor or spiral it down into the abyss of golfing despair.

Today, we delve deep into the world of two specific clubs that hold the potential to be game-changers – the Heavenwood and the 7 Wood.

Each comes armed with its distinctive attributes and offers its own blend of art and science to make that perfect shot.

The Importance of Loft

In order to fully grasp the essence of these two clubs, a fundamental understanding of the golf term ‘loft’ is a prerequisite.

In simple words, loft refers to the angle of the club face that influences trajectory and plays a significant role in the final landing distance.

The Heavenwood, conceived and crafted by the golfing masters at Callaway, is essentially a hybrid club that incorporates elements from both fairway woods and hybrids.

Its typical configuration comprises the shaft length of a 4-wood, yet possesses the loft of a 7-wood.

The 7-wood, a traditional counterpart, comes with a loft higher than the Heavenwood, a characteristic that makes it a preferred choice for high-handicap golfers or those battling challenges with long irons.

Heavenwood vs 7 Wood: Differences

Heavenwood vs 7 Wood

The Making of the Heavenwood

The distinctive allure of the Heavenwood lies embedded in its versatility. The concept behind this innovative club emanates from a rather simple observation.

It was seen that a significant number of golfers were swapping their 5-woods with a 7-wood, but were hesitant about sacrificing the distance provided by the former.

Callaway’s solution to this quandary was a fusion of the best traits of both clubs into one powerful golfing instrument.

This led to the creation of a club with a shaft length similar to a 4 or 5 wood combined with the loft of a 7-wood, delivering a harmonious balance of distance and control.

The 7 Wood As A Contender

On the other hand, the 7-wood has a firm standing in the traditional golf gear line-up. The club, with its generous loft, tends to be a friendlier hit for golfers with slower swing speeds.

It propels the ball on a higher trajectory, providing a softer landing that is ideal for tricky approach shots leading to the green.

Moreover, the 7-wood is more forgiving of mishits, a characteristic that makes it a favorable club for weekend golfers or those bearing higher handicaps.

Head size

Another thing you should consider when comparing these fairways is the head size.

Maybe I’ve mentioned it before, but the Heavenwood has a larger head, compared to the 7 wood.

So, if you need to see a larger, shallower head to get a confidence boost, you know the option to choose. Don’t forget that your personal preference can play a huge role, so factor that into your decision-making.

If you have to choose one

If you have declining swing speed or intend to have only one fairway wood, then your best option is Heavenwood, it’s also a natural upgrade from the 3w as compared to the 7w.

That is because Heavenwood is closer to 5w. The gap will be too big going from 3w to 7w and that’ll affect your performance.

A natural progression would have been 4w to 7w as the gap will be almost non-existence and the transition will be smooth.

The Length

Another one of the main differences between both is in length. There is a longer shaft (and shorter loft) on the Heavenwood. You’ll naturally shoot the ball higher and probably cover more yardage.

So, it is possible that if you can hit solid, you might possibly get more distance in Heavenwood than 7 wood.

However, the 7 wood may be better for a more regular, consistent distance. Also depending on the skill level, some golfers may find the longer shaft in the Heavenwood a bit difficult to hit.

Heavenwood Pros

  • Versatility: With a shaft length similar to a 4 or 5 wood combined with the loft of a 7-wood, the Heavenwood is a versatile tool that suits various scenarios on the course.
  • Balance: The Heavenwood offers a harmonious balance of distance and control, making it an excellent choice for golfers seeking to optimize their shots.
  • Innovative Design: The unique configuration of the Heavenwood provides an innovative approach to traditional golfing equipment, making it an intriguing choice for golfers looking for something different.


  • Learning Curve: The unique nature of Heavenwood may require a period of adjustment and learning to maximize its benefits.
  • Limited Appeal: Golfers with slower swing speeds may not see as much benefit from the Heavenwood as those with higher swing speeds.

7 Wood Pros

  • High Trajectory: The 7 Wood’s higher loft creates a higher ball flight, ideal for approach shots that require a softer landing.
  • Forgiveness: The 7 Wood is known for being more forgiving on mishits, making it a great option for weekend golfers or those with higher handicaps.
  • Comforting Familiarity: As a traditional golfing tool, the 7 Wood provides a sense of comfort and familiarity that many golfers appreciate.


  • Distance: While the 7 Wood provides great loft, it may not deliver the same distance as other clubs, such as the 5 Wood or even the Heavenwood.
  • Less Versatility: The 7 Wood is primarily beneficial in specific scenarios and might not provide the same level of versatility as the Heavenwood.

Heavenwood or 7 Wood: Which SHOULD You Choose?

The journey towards the perfect golf shot…

Navigating through the unique trajectory and control of the Heavenwood versus the understanding forgiveness and generous loft of the 7-wood, presents an intriguing challenge for any golfer striving to optimize their club selection.

Consideration should be given to factors such as course conditions, personal skill level, and playing style.

Taking both clubs for a test during a practice session or a professional fitting can provide invaluable insights and help make a more personalized decision.

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