Is Club Champion Worth It?

It’s the 21st century. It’s no longer news that club fitting is essential.

As a Golfer, investing in custom fitting will bring remarkable improvements to your game.

If you’re serious about your play improvement and course performance, it’s definitely something to look at.

However, choosing the right place is as important as the practice itself. Because there are so many, choosing the best for yourself could seem tedious.

Club Champion is one of the biggest names in the club fitting industry.

It’s popular in America and worldwide. Many Golfers have patronized the brand, and there have been mixed reviews about its efficiency.

Is Club Champion worth it? We’re sure you don’t want to waste your dollars on something not worthwhile.

Together, let’s review the company’s mode of operation and practice to determine if it’s the best for you among the myriad options.

This will be an informative Club Champion Golf review for beginners and experts alike who want to know if the service is worth their time.

Why Choose Club Champion?

Is Club Champion Worth It?

Club Champion is a frontrunner in the custom building and fitting industry. It’s a build-to-order business that claims to improve games with its Perfect Fit Guarantee.

The company delivers a Tour-quality golf club fitting that ensures more extended and accurate shots for any skill level.

It uses more than 50,000 brand-agnostic combinations plus a data-driven fitting methodology which is reliable in demonstrating the significant improvements a properly fit club will provide.

The company’s approach is straightforward without reinforcing bias.

They don’t promote specific manufacturers but only prioritize finding the best possible combination of components for every customer.

Club Champion was established in 2010. The company is based in Willowbrook, Illinois, with over 100 stores.

It has locations in many major golf markets in the U.S., with each site having access to many clubheads, shafts, and grip combinations every customer can explore.

How Club Champion Works

When you schedule a fitting at Club Champion, Your fitter first seeks to understand what you intend to accomplish in the fitting.

The expert analyzes your swing with your current clubs to determine your misses, normal shot shape, and areas of strengths and weakness.

After the analysis, your fitter will suggest improvements to your present clubs.

You’ll be shown how a putter fitting differs and help you find your current gamer.

They will provide you with upgrades on shafts, heads, and grips. When you don’t intend to buy a custom set after the fitting, the fitters will offer repairs to the existing clubs.

How Much Does Club Champion Fitting Cost?

Generally, Club fitting is a huge investment because of the benefits it offers.

An enticing factor of Club Champion fitting is the low price compared to most others in the industry. Club Champion prices reflect other golf retailers for the best equipment and club.

Hence, you needn’t worry about paying beyond normal.

Club Champion also partners with Synchrony to offer customers 18-month promotional financing on fitting services. You can find their current price listing on their website.

Pros And Cons Of Club Champion


  • Great fitting service
  • Detailed analyzes before service
  • Custom-build clubs from a wide range of brands
  • Equipment from the biggest names in golf.
  • Data-backed Swing Reviews
  • Friendly and professional fitters
  • Over 50,000 combinations to select from
  • No obligation to buy clubs after the assessment
  • Perfect Fit Guarantee with options to replace or fix custom clubs within 90 days if complications arise.


Fewer locations compared to other top brands
No technique instruction

Is Club Champion Worth It?

Club Champion is one of the country’s top fitters, builders, and retailers of quality brands in golf.

It’s an award-winning company that offers customers exciting features and opportunities.

Compared to most other brand-agnostic competitors, Club Champions offers more brands, more training, more model options, more profound QC processes, Perfect Fit Guarantee, tighter tolerance, and most importantly, attention to detail.

Customers enjoy these benefits at a cost that’s not out of the odds.

Club Champion’s whole roster of studios was also among the Golf Digest recent America’s top 100 best club fitters list. So, trying out Club Champion is worthwhile.

Beyond the above, below are some other factors that make Club Champion outstanding:

Custom Shaft Approach

After the analysis stage, the Club Champion fitter usually starts by finding the right shaft for you.

The importance of this custom shaft is that it helps set the momentum for the fitting.

The Shaft allows you to connect to the clubhead and enhance your performance.

It makes you confident as you see significant swing changes and fitness. Club Champion has a range of brands to make this approach work.

Customers will get the perfect shaft that enables fast, repeatable swing so the head can go deeper with the launch, forgiveness, and spin.

Data-backed Swing Reviews

When using your current clubs, Club Champion has certified club fitters that will monitor you.

They use innovative technology like SAM PuttLab and TrackMan Pro for in-depth swing analysis.

Custom Built Club Options

After the club fitter has established your swing requirements, they select from a wide range of club combinations to customize clubs that are best suited for your swing.

When it comes to custom offerings, Club Champion has limitless options. Their in-depth analysis ensures they pick the specific clubs that benefit your game.

Club Champion Reviews

Positive Reviews:

Many golfers who have gone through the Club Champion fitting process have reported positive experiences.

Customers have noted that the club fitters are knowledgeable, patient, and take the time to make sure that each club is perfectly fit to the golfer’s swing.

Golfers have also praised the wide selection of club heads, shafts, and grips available, which allows for a truly customized experience.

Negative Reviews:

No matter how good a brand is, there are going to be areas where it is lacking. So, as expected, there are going to be complaints about Club Champion’s services.

Some customers have reported negative experiences with Club Champion, citing long wait times for fittings and builds, as well as high prices for custom clubs.

There have also been some complaints about the customer service experience, with some customers feeling that their needs were not adequately addressed.

Here is a review from the brand

Explaining some of its methodologies:

(Watch Video Here)


Overall, if you are considering Club Champion for custom golf club fitting, it is important to do your research and read reviews from other golfers in your area to get a sense of the overall experience.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to talk with a club fitter in person to get a sense of their expertise and to make sure that you are comfortable with the fitting process before committing to a purchase.

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