Is PXG A Good Brand?

There are many golf brands.

But when we talk about elite ones, only a few can make the list. The whole industry is saturated that picking a wrong or bad brand is probable.

If you’re seeking a new set of golf clubs and are unsure, you’ve probably come across PXG Golf.

It’s one of the names that pop up when you search for brands that have made a noticeable impact at the elite level.

Perhaps you’re considering buying from the brand, we say wait. Follow our comprehensive review of this brand to determine if it’s the best for you and worth your bucks.

We’ll give an overview of the brand, introduce you to its features, discuss its pros and cons, and give our recommendations.

Sit back, relax and follow along.

Is PXG A Good Brand?

Is PXG A Good Brand?

Yes, PXG is a good brand. The clubs are not mere average. They are exceptional products.

They are produced with the best materials plus extreme precision to give excellent performance, forgiveness, and distance for every golfer to enjoy.

This brand’s excellence remains unquestionable when you realize pro tour players use their products. Notable players include Zach Johnson, Jason Kokrak, Luke List, and Joel Dahman.

Why Choose PXG As Your Golf Brand?

PXG, an acronym for Parsons Extreme Golf, is a US-based golf company.

It was founded in 2014 by billionaire Bob Parsons. Parsons is an obsessive golf nut tired of substandard golf clubs and decided to start his golf brand.

PXG operates in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The brand’s mission is to develop top-quality golf clubs for the general populace.

It started by making irons but has expanded beyond irons to other clubs, including drivers, hybrids, woods, putters, and wedges.

This Golf brand is well known because of the high-end performance products it develops.

It is most famous for its irons, which are among the best in terms of innovative technology and performance.

The products have improved quality and connection with the golf ball, superior to most competitors.

Drivers are also other products of PXG that have increased the company’s popularity, including wedges and putters.

Who Can Use PXG Clubs?

Is PXG A Good Brand?

When the company started, it only produced low to mid-handicap golfer irons, and there was no option for a beginner or high-handicap golfers.

However, the company has evolved and expanded its collection to accommodate all levels of golfers. PXG produces clubs for all levels of golfers, from beginners to pro players.

Enough of stories. Let’s dive deep into the pros and cons of PXG.

Pros and Cons Of PXG


  • Every product is built with maximum precision
  • PXG uses the finest set of materials for building their clubs
  • The irons are the best set in the golf industry
  • Clubs are very forgiving and have a great distance
  • Products are designed to produce the ultimate performance


  • Clubs are too expensive
  • They are not really superior to other brands/competitors

Why Are PXG Products Expensive?

When speaking about PXG products, beyond the quality performance they offer, the price points are way too high.

The prices have always been a significant concern because the products do not necessarily outperform those of other brands with lesser expenses.

The clubs are too expensive, but Parsons takes delight in them because of the following reasons as established by the company:

  • Solid attention to detail in the manufacturing and R&D process
  • Scottsdale, Arizona, is the location for every production set, increasing the price points. However, Parsons says it’s necessary to improve precision and quality
  • Parsons wants its brand to be synonymous with luxury and only linked to the influential
  • PXG says the company is pioneering a sophisticated polishing and welding process which removes the hot spots in the irons cavity to improve consistency when hitting the club
  • The company only employs high-grade materials to produce their clubs

Do PXG Clubs Perform Well?

From experience and reviews, PXG Clubs perform excellently. The standouts in the set are the irons.

They are one of the best(if not the best) in the industry, with immense forgiveness.

They also give reasonable distance and hold their line well.

The brand’s other clubs are also excellent, but they suffer compared to these innovative irons. They are amazing but don’t represent the type of leap forward the irons represent.

PXG clubs have recorded success in tours.

The brand earned its first major tour win in 2016 and has amassed a few more in the following years.

The fact that many professional players are using PXG clubs is a testament that the clubs are good.

Should You Use PXG Clubs?

Maybe Yes, the answer is relative. If you compare PXG Clubs to those of other major brands, the distinction is not clear.

The price point is the major turnoff for most golfers considering that you can get the same performance from other cheaper brands.

But Generally, the irons are one of the best in the market.

In fact, when you juxtapose the performance of the iron with others, you’ll realize they are the best performing.

Unlike others that promise more distance, PXG irons don’t tamper with the club loft to gain that distance.

Conclusively, If you won’t use PXG Clubs for anything, you should because of the aura of luxury they give. When you use PXG clubs, you are seen as wealthy.

Best PXG Golf Products to Try

PXG hasn’t been around for a long time, but its good reputation precedes it in the golf industry because of the quality golf products it develops.

Below are some of the best PXG golf clubs that we think you should look out for:

  • PXG 0211 DC Irons
  • PXG 0311 P GEN2 Irons
  • The PXG 0311 XF GEN5 Drivers
  • PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II Milled Wedge
  • PXG 0211 Clydesdale Putter

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