Is Rock Bottom Golf Legit?

Almost every year, we witness the establishment of a new golf brand promising golfers a fascinating golfing experience through their equipment.

The market is full, so you need proper discernment to choose the best.

Rock Bottom Golf is an online retailer golf company that’s been making headlines recently. If you search the internet for good value golf equipment, you may come across the company.

However, because golf accessories are expensive, you can’t throw your money out to buy from any brand, especially one like Rock Bottom Golf, that’s under scrutiny about its authenticity.

In this guide, we’ll help you decide if it’s worth buying from them but first, let’s uncover the mystery of the brand’s legitimacy.

Is Rock Bottom Golf Legit?

Is Rock Bottom Golf Legit?

Yes, the Rock Bottom brand is legit. It’s a real and legitimate place to buy golf clubs, and it’s one of the USA’s most trustworthy online goods retailers.

They are trusted manufacturers with impressive experience in the industry, so you’re guaranteed excellent value for money.

Their collection is a combination of premium golf equipment from top brands in the industry. They sell golf equipment, from drivers to putters, balls, and bags.

The brand also distributes used golf clubs. They have an extensive collection where you can be confident of getting your choices.

When you buy from the RBG website, you get some of the best possible deals while stocking your bags with the latest collection.

But you’ll need to spend substantial time on their website researching extensively to enjoy the best deals they have to offer.

Furthermore, you enjoy a short shipping time when you shop at the RBG website.

Most golfers are often hesitant about buying golf accessories online because of the long waiting and shipping period, but this brand is different.

You’ll get what you order quickly and ready to use.

Lastly, their return policy is impressive and favorable to customers. We’ve seen various positive reviews about their policies from customers, which are enough to make you fall in love with the brand.

Ultimately, you want an online golf store offering a wide range of golf equipment at relatively affordable prices. In that case, RBG is a brand to trust.

Let’s extensively review the brand and what you stand to gain from your patronage.

About Rock Bottom Golf

Is Rock Bottom Golf Legit?

Rock Bottom Golf is an online retailer and golf store based in NY. The brand is owned and operated by Tom Rath, who started selling golf balls during his college days to fund his education.

Along the line, he added clubs and other different golf equipment before establishing the brand with his brother Todd.

Over time, the brand has become one of the most reliable and trusted golf stores for golfers to enjoy.

They sell a wide range of new and used golf apparel at prices that are unbeatable in the market. When you patronize the brand, you’re funding an all-American family-run business.

Features of the Brand

Premium Golf Equipments

The Rock Bottom Golf brand has been around for decades with impressive experience with every major golf brand.

As such, they avail golfers of the best collections from the big boys of the market, including Titleist, Callaway, Wilson Golf, and Nike.

Buying from RBG is equivalent to purchasing from any of the leading golf brands in the industry.

However, in this case, you will be spending little. Importantly, you’re sure to get premium, quality materials that offer good value.

Varieties of Golf Equipment

Rock Bottom Golf website provides limitless options of golf apparel for players. They avail a vast and impressive collection of equipment from putters, irons, drivers, and wedges to golf bags.

Their used golf club market is also extensive, and you can get excellent deals. The left-handed section is also available to cater to golfers who belong to the less familiar side of the golf ball.

They sell golf equipment and gear, including bags, clubs, clothing, shoes, and accessories from top brands.

You can get other things from RBG: electric carts, bags, pull carts, casual shoes, running shoes, polo shirts, golf trousers, and waterproofs.

Availability of Online and Offline Purchase

Buying from RBG is not limited to online purchases, as the brand now has physical retail stores for offline purchases. This walk-in store is located at Chilli Country Club in Scottsville, NY.

It’s an upgrade to the online-only retail approach the brand was operating before and, as such, offers something different to golfers.

Generally, RBG’s headquarter is based in Rochester, NY, and the distribution store is in Suffolk, VA.

Relatively Cheap Prices

A lower price point is one of the selling points of RBG. The brand is well-known for bottom pricing, which is often better than the ones available on other websites.

With RBG, you get quality items from big brands without denting your wallet.

Great Return and Refund Policy

The brand also has a broad refund and return policy if you’re unsatisfied with your order.

Along with its excellent reputation in these regards, the company has also developed satisfactory shipping speed scores.

Orders are delivered quickly to customers, and they can track the progress through the website.


Suppose you previously had any doubt about the legitimacy of services offered by the Rock Bottom Golf brand. In that case, it’s time to let it go.

This brand is one of the biggest and most trusted online golf retailers in the USA you can patronize.

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