Is TGW Golf Legit?

As a serious golfer, you will need to change or upgrade your golf equipment often. Many retailers provide a wide range of golf accessories at excellent prices.

TGW is one of the brands you’ll probably come across if you’re seeking to buy new golf apparel at reasonable prices. It’s a Kansas-based brand established in 1998.

It offers different golf equipment from the big boys of the industry. However, there’s been a lot of speculation about the brand’s authenticity.

Is TGW golf legit? What types of equipment do they sell? Should you patronize them?

If you seek answers to any of these questions, this article is for you. Follow along as we discuss the brand’s authenticity and other necessary details.

Is TGW Golf Legit?

Is TGW Golf Legit?

Yes, the TGW Golf brand and website are 100% legit. The brand is a big golf retailer that started operation in 1998, making it one of the oldest.

It’s an essential one-stop online store for golf tools and accessories. You can fully equip your golf wardrobe with products from TGW.

TGW golf brand specializes in a wide range of golf apparel and equipment at reasonable prices. The products are authentic, and there’s no need to worry about buying fake clubs from them like many circulating online.

You can buy your preferred golf equipment from reputable brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, and PING without fear of getting fake, and you can do the same for TGW.

You can trust the brand as many other customers have done and enjoyed their services. There are numerous positive reviews about their products and services. Also, products are reasonably priced.

Golf equipment is expensive, and it’s worth buying from a brand that offers discounts like TGW so you can save a decent sum of money while purchasing the latest collection.

You should rest assured and confident that you can add to your golf equipment collection from TGW without breaking the bank.

Therefore, if you’re seeking to add new golf equipment to your collection at the beginning of the golf season, TGW is a brand to patronize.

TGW Golf: Everything You Need to Know About the Brand

TGW means The Golf Warehouse. The brand is a fantastic online store with a wide range of discounted golf equipment and clothing, and accessories available.

It began as an ordinary golf warehouse and family-run business in 1998, then later leveraged the advantage of the internet to transform the company into an e-commerce operation.

More than 20 years later, the brand is still one of the leading e-commerce websites for golfers. The volume of golf clubs and apparel they have is quite impressive, and the brand name is still relevant.

The brand is a fantastic online store selling apparel, gadgets, and equipment at reasonable prices. They stock a broad inventory on the website, including stocks from the most influential golf brands.

They always have at least 30,000 items at any time, and they also have softball and baseball players.

Beyond golf apparel, they also specialize in other accessories, including clothing, bags, and golf tech like range finders and GPS watches.

The clothing range is fascinating, with stylish lines from popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. If you are seeking gear wear used by tour pros, then you can consider TGW.

The customer services are reliable, and they are available around the clock. You can get in touch with customer representatives through numerous ways, including email support, phone number, fax, and mail.

These varieties ensure customers have multiple means to seek inquiries and track their orders.

Lastly, it’s worth stating that TGW doesn’t provide a specific discount opportunity for military people.

However, they publish a particular web page, the TGW Coupon Codes, which comprises a wide range of codes and offers one can use at checkout.

Where Is TGW Golf Located?

TGW, or The Golf Warehouse, is an online retail and e-commerce website with a physical location.

The brand warehouse is located in Wichita, Kansas, an excellent spot for customers because of the ease of shopping and returns.

Customers are satisfied with their shipping and return policies as they provide free shipping for orders above $100.

TGW ships its products to over 200 destinations globally, so customers are well assured that their goods will ultimately reach their locations even outside the United States.

However, international customers will be responsible for any extra or additional shipping charges and taxes as pronounced by the Department of Commerce.

TGW Golf Website: Customers Reviews

Is TGW Golf Legit?

The internet is filled with numerous customer reviews about the TGW Golf website. The reviews are a mix of positive and negative.

However, the positive outweighs the negative, meaning many customers are satisfied with the brand.

Customers’ major problem with the brand is the late delivery of orders and poor refund policies.

Some customers reported that their goods took months before they arrived, and the company refund policies are a rigorous process.

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