KBS Tour vs C Taper Shafts: Comparison

KBS Tour vs C Taper Shafts – which is better for your game? Well, they have a similar profile but there are some subtle differences that are important to note. Keep reading to learn what this are and how you can choose the right one out of the two. 

Without a good shaft, your golf club will be incomplete. This is why pro golfers are not just concerned about their game but also their tool, one of which is the shaft.

Though there are dozens of brands out there, the KBS series seems to be one of the best. They have been reviewed in several pro golfer publications and have been around for quite a while.

Two of their most popular shafts are the KBS C Taper and Tour. If you’re reading this, you probably got a recommendation to buy either of them.

While we can’t authoritatively say one is better than the other, they actually have some differences that can make you want to pick one over the other.

This short article exposes the differences so you can choose the right one. Let’s look at their profile and features and who should be using which:

KBS Tour vs C Taper Shafts: Which Is Better?

Before comparing the two, let’s first look at the profile, features, and performance of each shaft.

The performance will be based on how we translate the features into benefits and the experience of those who have used them. Your experience with the shaft may vary but should be close.

So let’s begin with the C Taper:

KBS C-Taper Shafts

KBS Tour vs C Taper

The KBS C-Taper iron shafts are among the least striking and twirling steel shafts in golf.

The KBS C-Taper shaft, coupled with a characteristic KBS design, increases power transmission for a crunchy grip whilst also maximizing shaft lengths in the taper and tip zones for minimal arc and rotation stabilization.

The C-Taper is the ultimate iron shaft for those who want to take low-cutting shots with great stroke control.

When your irons have the proper flex, the C-Taper is one of the most sensitive and precise iron shafts when striking.

In terms of distance, the KBS C-Taper is comparative to the player and provides a 5 percent longer range.


The KBS C-Taper steel shaft comes with five loads and flexibility options.

Mass ranges from 110gm and 130gm, with flexibility increasing with mass. There is a normal, systematic, rigid, rigid plus, and additionally rigid variants, each with its unique load structure.

Each load and flexibility spectrum is designed to generate a deep ball trajectory with little rotation and greater management.

KBS Tour Shaft

KBS Tour or KBS C Taper

The KBS Tour shaft was created for golfers of different skill levels.

The Tour shaft is a semi-course steel and tapered shaft that provides a characteristic soft touch to the golfer.

The KBS Tour increases dynamism transition to provide greater uplift and better release with wrought iron and tapered blocks.

Non-professional gamers will like the KBS Tour’s reactive grip. Why? Because it’s built to serve the right components to key in their games

The handling of this top-notch golf rod is equally acknowledged by many of the globe’s greatest golfers.

Significant Features A 5 percent reduced arc, reduced twist, and increased length provide golfers with a convenient steel shaft that complements their swaying.

The comfortable and reactive KBS distinctive touch gives golfers additional alternatives at reduced wagging velocities.

The KBS Tour is suitable for golf enthusiasts of practically every price choice because of the variety of leverage and flexible alternatives.


The KBS Tour steel shaft is available in six distinct variants. The KBS Tour is provided in 110gm standard, 115gm regular plus, 120gm rigid, 125gm rigid plus, and 130gm extra-rigid weights and flexes.

Every shaft is accessible in ranges from 1 iron to lob wedge and may be individually tailored to players of any physique.

KBS Tour or KBS C Taper Shafts?

The KBS Tour shaft is an excellent choice for golfers who don’t sway the golf club aggressively.

The KBS Tour shaft is ideal for modest median and higher handicapped golfers who seek greater responsiveness and a better grip on their clubs.

On the other hand, the KBS- C Taper Shaft is ideal for golfers who want to smash modest penetrating hits with amazing aims and accuracy, as well as a more ultrahigh sway that allows you to strike the target more precisely and traverse more range.

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