Kirkland Putter vs. Scotty Cameron: Which is Better?

Kirkland Putters are one of the hottest, giving many traditional brands a run for their money.

The putters offer an excellent blend of value and performance.

There’s plenty of talk about the putters, and there’s an ongoing comparison with Scotty Cameron. Some people now see the equipment as a rival to Scotty Cameron Newport.

In this guide, we’ll comprehensively compare these two brands using their putters as a case study.

Which of Kirkland and Scotty Putter is better?

At the end of the article, you’ll be able to decide for yourself.

Kirkland Putter vs. Scotty Cameron: Overview

Kirkland Putter vs. Scotty Cameron

Kirkland produces one of the hottest yet most affordable putters.

They come at a relatively lower price than most other brands without compromising quality.

The Kirkland Signature KS1 is a forged CNC putter with a blade style and an adjustable toe and heel.

It comes with some of the latest technology incorporated in it. It’s a putter for golfers who are seeking a lot of value.

Exceptional performances, incredible feel, and aesthetics are buzzwords to describe Scotty Cameron putters.

These putters exhibit these traits because a lot of work goes into the production stage.

The putters offer golfers substantial value and a reason why they are highly coveted.

The putters fall under three categories: Select, Futura, and GOLO.

The Select Putter family comprises the classic Newport blade designs, produced for players who fancy using a stroke that boasts an arc.

To further differentiate between these two brands, let:s compare them using the factors below

  • Quality
  • Variety
  • Price
  • Legality


Both Scotty Cameron and Kirkland are known for producing high-quality putters.

They mill their products from immense quality metals.

These milled putters are proven to be some of the high-durable pieces.

In terms of quality, there’s no clear distinction between the two brands. Customers using both putters have given numerous positive reviews about their performance on the green.

Hence, whichever you choose between the two putters, you’ll get a high-performing putter.

Product Variety

An attribute of a great putter brand is the availability of many putter collections.

The collection may vary depending on certain factors, including materials.

These characteristics will enable customers to have numerous options to choose from and, as such, increases the chances of getting the right putter for their skill level.

Concerning product varieties, there’s a clear difference between the two brands. Scotty Cameron is the better brand as it has more options.

Kirkland has only one putter option, while Scotty Cameron has more than 100 putters for customers to select from.

Furthermore, Kirkland’s only putter option is made of the blade, while Scotty Cameron provides blade and mid-mallet putters.

Hence, if you don’t like blade putters, Scotty Cameron might be your best choice since they have more options.


The major difference between Scotty Cameron and Kirkland Putter is the price.

The former is more expensive than the latter. Scotty Cameron putters are seriously expensive compared to many other brands in the market.

To put it straight, Scotty Cameron putters are thrice as expensive as Kirkland putters.

The price difference is not much of a surprise since Scotty Cameron is the bigger brand and has a higher price ticket compared to Kirkland.

When you buy Scotty Cameron putters, you understand that you’re making an investment and belong to a historic brand that’s contributed to numerous major tournament wins.

However, if the price point is a significant determinant for you, then the Costco Kirkland putter is your best choice since there’s not much difference in the quality.


Legality is another crucial factor to consider before patronizing a putter brand.

You don’t want to buy/use a putter that’s regarded as illegal.

The USGA and the R&A have stringent rules regarding golf instruments to ensure they are of the best quality and safe for golfers.

These rules are present in the equipment rules PDF.

Any golf instrument must conform to all these rules before it can be considered legal.

Regarding legality, both Scotty Cameron and Kirkland putters are deemed legal, meaning you can use them in any casual and professional golf games.

Scotty Cameron Vs. Kirkland Putter: Which is Better?

Kirkland Putter vs. Scotty Cameron

From the review, we can deduce that both Scotty Cameron and Costco Kirkland produce high-quality putters that offer great value.

They share some similarities, but there are distinctive attributes.

The significant differences between the two brands come in price and product variety.

Scotty Cameron offers a wide range of product variety but comes with high price points. On the other hand, Kirkland has a limited product variety at relatively lower prices.

The better brand and products will depend on individual wants.

You’ll need to consider these factors and choose the one that aligns with you.

If you want a decent and high-quality putter without spending much, the Kirkland putter is your best choice.

However, if you have the cash to spare and you want to use an influential brand, then Scotty Cameron is a must.

Ultimately, whichever brand you use, you’ll enjoy good quality.

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