LA Golf Iron Shaft Review

If you’re starting to feel your iron shots are falling short, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your shafts. Fortunately, there is a comprehensive range of golf shafts in the market, each catering to different levels of players.

The LA Golf Line iron shaft is one of the best shafts that promises incredible features, including improved distance, feel, and accuracy. While the shaft makes waves in the golfing world, it’s not the right fit for every golfer.

Is the LA Golf line of iron shafts fit for your game?

Follow along as we dive into the specifics of this shaft and extensively review the features, benefits, and characteristics to see if it’s the right fit for you.


Ryan Johnson founded LA Golf and is a relatively new brand in the golf shaft industry, only founded in 2016.

However, the brand has quickly risen to be a top brand due to its reputation for delivering premium quality shafts with incredible performance.

The line of shafts includes different models, each designed with specific characteristics in mind, such as feel, spin, and launch, to help players improve their game.

The range of shafts caters to all skill levels and playing styles. LA employs innovative technology and cutting-edge material to create its shafts.

Generally, the shafts are designed to provide a medium-high launch with a low spin rate, resulting in longer, more accurate shots.

LA Golf Iron Shaft: Features and Technology

LA Golf prides itself in only delivering some of the best in the industry. One of their significant innovations is using advanced materials, including high-modulus carbon fiber and graphene, to build their shafts.

These materials mean the shafts are lightweight but have solid strength and stability.

One of the unique technologies used is the Dual Core Technology, featuring a soft inner core and a stiffer outer core, thus enabling players to get improved accuracy and more consistent ball flight.

The brand also uses AI and machine learning to design its products and offer customers the best. LA analyzes thousands of swings to adjust their shaft design and optimize the accuracy and performance.

LA Golf Iron Shaft Models

LA Golf Line of shafts comes in different models to cater to the needs of players of varying skill sets and playing preferences.

Each model is meticulously crafted and has unique characteristics or features that make it ideal for a specific target audience.

Some popular models of LA Golf shafts include Rebar, Trono, Olyss, Tour, Red, Blue, and Silver. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a LA Golf shaft that caters to your needs and gets the best out of your game.

However, before choosing a specific model, consider your playing style and swing speed, as each model has unique attributes.

For instance, the Rebar model is unsuitable for players with faster swing speeds. On the other hand, the Tour or Trono models will fit players who want more control and shot shaping. You can try the different models to determine the one that suits you best.

We also recommend you try the service of a professional fitter to get the best shaft model that fits your game.

Let’s use some factors below further to understand the specifications of the LA Golf iron shafts.


The LA Line of golf shafts comes in many weight options ranging from 60-110 grams, depending on the model. This wide range of weight options allows users to customize their shafts to fit their needs.

Generally, LA Golf’s iron shafts provide a unique combination of materials, flex options, torque ratings, and weight ranges, providing golfers with the versatility they need to elevate their game.


Torque is the measure of the degree to which the shaft will twist during the swing, meaning it’s a crucial attribute of the shaft.

LA Golf iron shafts generally have a low torque rating, indicating that they’re less likely to twist during the swing, thus generating more consistent shots.

Flex Options

The flex of an iron shaft denotes how much it bends and twists during the swing, and it’s a critical component that can influence performance.

LA Golf Shafts come in a wide range of flex options, such as regular, stiff, and extra stiff, allowing players to select the one that fits their swing characteristics.

Performance Review

Given their distinct qualities and advantages, how do LA Golf’s iron shafts function in practical circumstances?

To determine the answer, we looked at LA Golf’s performance with iron shafts.

To assess the iron shafts, we took a range of swings, including full swings, partial swings, and shots from the rough. The enhanced distance, accuracy, and speed promised by the iron shafts were realized under all circumstances.

We discovered that during full swings, the shafts’ medium-high launch and low spin rate allowed us to hit longer shots without compromising accuracy.

Compared to other iron shafts we examined, shots hit with the LA Golf iron shafts consistently landed closer to the goal.

The LA Golf iron shafts were at their best during partial swings. We hit high, soft shots that landed softly on the green because of the shafts’ superb control over the ball’s trajectory.

The shafts’ responsiveness and smoothness also made it simpler to adjust the appropriate level of contact for shots close to the green.

Some of the most challenging golf shots can come from the rough. In this situation, the LA Golf iron shafts functioned excellently, offering enough force to lift the ball out of the rough while retaining accuracy and control.

Overall, we were highly impressed with the performance of LA Golf’s iron shafts.

They consistently delivered on their promises of improved distance, accuracy, and feel, making them an excellent choice for golfers looking to elevate their game.

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