Lamkin vs. Golf Pride: Which Should You Choose?

Even though most people ignore it, the golf grip is one of the most crucial elements of a golf club.

It often gets minimal concentration, unlike other aspects but choosing the proper grip is vital as the shaft, CG, precision, and distance.

The golf grip is the component that helps you create a connection between the golf club and your hand. A bad or wrong grip will immensely influence how you strike the ball.

Hence, it’s essential to choose a high-performing grip to get control and adequate traction over the golf club.

However, the numerous golf grip options can make choosing one daunting. So in this article, we’ll compare two top golf grip brands: Lamkin and Golf Pride, and choose the best for you.

Lamkin vs. Golf Pride: Overview

Lamkin vs. Golf Pride

Lamkin and Golf Pride are two excellent golf grip brands well-known for producing products for different sections. They provide unique benefits that are suitable for different types of players.

Lamkin brand has been producing exceptional golf grips since 1925. Customers are satisfied with the quality and the numerous options of golf grips available for all levels of golfers.

Whether you’re a fast or slow swing specialist, the brand offers a comprehensive collection of choices to cater to your needs.

Similarly, Golf Pride golf grips are well-known in the industry. The brand provides everything any real golfer will need ranging from slip-on to hybrid golf grips.

The company uses brushed cotton technology which offers a firmer hold and consistency every golfer needs on the course.


Lamkins group lineup offers Genesis materials and fingerprint technology. These features bring an exceptional new feel to the game, making Lamkin the stock grips for most manufacturers.

The Lamkin provides a combination of comfort, feel, and consistency. The micro-texture construction on the surface of the grip offers the maximum character and experience on every occasion.

Generally, the Lamkin lineup is broad and offers an exciting collection. They include Z-Grip align, Z-Grip, Calibrate models, Round Grip models, Crossline, and Lamkin UTX grip.

Similarly, the Golf Pride brand has numerous grip types to select from. The Tour Velvet cord is a famous golf grip of the brand. It’s an ideal type of tour-level golf grip.

It includes an all-weather material and a vital grip cord, which provides the best experience and performance.

Other golf grip types in the lineup include VDR, Tour velvet/velvet align/ Velvet Plus4, CP2 Pro and CP2 Wrap, Tour Wrap Microsuede, Tour Wrap 2G, and the MCC lineup, each offering different unique attributes.

Lamkin vs. Golf Pride: Differences

Lamkin vs. Golf Pride

Even though both brands produce quality golf for serious golfers to enjoy, their products feature distinct features that differentiate them.

Let’s use some major factors described below to distinguish between the brands.


Lamkin uses fingerprint technology which offers improved comfort and traction, while the Golf Pride golf grips offer traditional brushed cotton technology.

Generally, the latter uses two unique technologies in most of its grips: The Align technology and the Plus 4 technology of the brand.

Materials and Craftsmanship

The construction techniques are another distinctive factor between the brands.

Lamkin uses the rounded and calibrated upper-hand construction, while the Golf Prides uses different structures depending on the type.

Most of its collection features rounded construction, but the Genesis series features multi-material golf grips. However, the brand MCC series features a hybrid construction.

It’s also worth noting that Golf Pride provides a vital grip alignment feature.

Lamkin, on the other hand, doesn’t. You’ll need to make the alignment individually if you use most Lamkin golf grips.


Generally, both brands of golf grips offer excellent durability.

However, when compared, the Lamkin grips are much more durable and reliable. Most Golf Pride cord grips might wear out more often than the Lamkins.

Target Audiences

When choosing a golf grip brand, their target audience is a crucial factor to consider so you can determine if you fit the bracket.

Lamkin primarily provides golf grips for both beginner and tour-level golfers. Conversely, Golf Pride targets more tour enthusiasts. But both brands offer tour-level performance.

Lamkin vs. Golf Pride: Pros And Cons

Pros of Golf Pride

Lamkin or Golf Pride

  • Great traction
  • Good feel
  • Varieties of colors and sizes
  • Excellent performance in all weather


  • Relatively pricier

Pros of Lamkin Grips

Lamkin or Golf Pride


  • Firm feel
  • Great durability and longevity
  • Decent value for the money
  • Excellent stability
  • Good traction
  • It works great on the driver


  • Limited colors

Lamkin vs. Golf Pride: Which Should You Choose?

While default club grips are the standard, choosing the proper grip will become paramount when changing the grip. Both brands are premium golf grip brands that provide quality products for golfers.

Choosing the best one between the brands might seem challenging because of their unique features. Generally, the better one is relative and varies between individuals.

You’ll need to prioritize your preference before choosing the best one.

However, it would be best to consider certain factors, including hand size, grip alignment, materials, and weather variability. When you prioritize these factors, making the right choice will become easier.

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