Maltby Wedges Review: An In-Depth Overview

In the ever-evolving world of golf equipment, Maltby has carved out a niche as a brand known for providing high-quality, affordable clubs for golfers of all skill levels.

Maltby’s wedge offerings, in particular, have garnered attention for their impressive performance and exceptional value.

Why the brand’s offerings may not be mainstream compared to Vokey, Bombtech, etc., you can still find a suitable wedge at the right price.

This comprehensive review delves into the key features, design elements, and performance attributes of Maltby wedges.

At the end of this article, you should have valuable insights if you are considering these competitively priced short-game tools.

Maltby Wedge Lineup Overview

Maltby Wedge Review

Maltby offers a range of wedge options designed to cater to various golfer preferences and short-game requirements.

Among their most popular models are the M-Series+ wedges, the TS-1 Forged wedges, and the DBM Forged wedges.

Each wedge series boasts unique design elements and technologies to optimize performance around the greens.

M-Series+ Wedges

The M-Series+ wedges are designed to provide golfers with ultimate control and versatility.

These wedges feature a classic teardrop shape and come in various loft and bounce options, allowing golfers to select the ideal configuration for their game.

Key Features of M-Series+ Wedges

  • CNC Milled Face and Grooves: The M-Series+ wedges feature precision CNC milled faces and grooves, ensuring consistent spin and control on full shots and delicate touch shots alike.
  • Progressive Center of Gravity (CG) Placement: The CG location in these wedges progressively moves higher as the loft increases, promoting optimal launch and spin characteristics across the loft range.
  • Wide Sole Design: The M-Series+ wedges feature a wide sole design, which enhances turf interaction and forgiveness on different lies and shot types.

TS-1 Forged Wedges

The TS-1 Forged wedges are a premium offering from Maltby, crafted from soft 1025 carbon steel for exceptional feel and feedback.

These wedges are designed for golfers seeking a high-performance option that delivers precision and control.

Key Features of TS-1 Forged Wedges

  • Forged Construction: The TS-1 wedges are forged from 1025 carbon steel, providing a soft, responsive feel that discerning golfers appreciate.
  • CNC-Milled Face and Micro Grooves: These wedges boast a CNC-milled face with micro grooves, ensuring maximum spin and control on shots around the green.
  • Progressive CG Placement: Similar to the M-Series+ wedges, the TS-1 Forged wedges feature forward CG placement for optimal launch and spin characteristics.

DBM Forged Wedges

Maltby’s DBM (Diamonized Black Metal) Forged wedges combine a striking black finish with a forged construction, resulting in a visually appealing and high-performing wedge option.

Key Features of DBM Forged Wedges

  • Forged 1025 Carbon Steel Construction: Like the TS-1 Forged wedges, the DBM-Forged wedges are crafted from soft 1025 carbon steel, delivering exceptional feel and responsiveness.
  • DBM Finish: The unique Diamond Black Metal finish provides a durable, long-lasting appearance that reduces glare and enhances the wedge’s visual appeal.
  • CNC Milled Face and Grooves: The DBM Forged wedges also feature precision CNC milled faces and grooves for consistent spin and control.

Performance Analysis

Maltby Wedges Review


Across Maltby’s wedge lineup, golfers can expect impressive spin and control due to the precision CNC-milled faces and grooves featured in each wedge series.

The TS-1 Forged and the DBM Forged wedge offer exceptional spin rates and precise control around the greens, thanks to their forged construction and microgrooves.

This enables golfers to execute varieties of shots with confidence and finesse.


The forged construction of the TS-1 and DBM wedges ensures golfers get a soft, responsive feel. This is a feature that highly skilled players sought after.

The M-Series+ wedges, while not forged, still deliver a solid feel and feedback, making them a suitable option for golfers seeking a more affordable alternative.


The Maltby wedges have some of the most appealing looks on the market. Simple but gorgeous.

Maltby Wedges Review

They are beautiful, well-made, and quite fascinating. Interestingly, many golfers are surprised by the look since it’s from a brand like Maltby.


Maltby wedges cater to different golfer preferences and short-game requirements, with various loft, bounce, and grind options available.

The wide sole design of the M-Series+ wedges enhances turf interaction and forgiveness.

However, the progressive CG placement in the M-Series+ and TS-1 Forged wedges ensures optimal launch and spin characteristics.

Conclusion on Maltby Wedges

Maltby wedges offer an impressive combination of performance, feel, and value, making them a compelling option for golfers seeking to improve their short game without breaking the bank.

With the M-Series+, TS-1 Forged, and DBM Forged wedges, Maltby provides a range of options designed to cater to various golfer preferences and playing styles.

While the TS-1 Forged and DBM Forged wedges stand out for their exceptional feel, feedback, and control due to their forged construction, the M-Series+ wedges offer a more affordable alternative without sacrificing performance.

Ultimately, Maltby’s wedge lineup demonstrates that high-quality, performance-driven wedges can be accessible to golfers at a competitive price.

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