Maxfli Tour vs Tour X: Are They Different?

The golf ball is perhaps the most essential piece of equipment for a golfer.

The type of balls you choose can hugely affect your game quality. Hence, selecting the right golf ball is always a crucial endeavor.

Generally, premium performance golf balls sell for exorbitant prices except in a few cases.

Maxfil is one of the organizations providing these premium balls at relatively affordable prices.

The brand is renowned for its innovative design, making it an ideal choice for players seeking high-performing for their games, especially the Maxfil Tour and Tour X balls.

If you’re seeking to buy one of these balls, follow along as we review them and help you make the informed decision that will take your game to the next level.


The Maxfli Tour and Tour X golf calls are the second generation of Maxfli’s Tour-level balls.

These balls are class-leading equipment with high praise from players who desire premium cast-urethane balls without denting the wallet.

The Maxfli Tour ball is designed for all levels of golfers.

It features a core built from Hyper Speed Core technology to provide adequate ease of controlling the ball when struck off-center.

This ball also has a soft cover which increases distance.

However, it still spots the famous 318 dimple pattern present in most other golf balls within the category. Generally, the Tour ball is ideal for players who seek a consistent ball at a relatively affordable price.

The Maxfli Tour X ball is another high-quality performance golf ball.

It’s designed with the most advanced aerodynamics and construction techniques to offer players optimum distance and accuracy.

It also features similar core technology as the Tour ball, except that it has a higher compression rating, which makes it firmer.

This ball is also quite affordable and one of the best premium balls available in its price range. It’s a go-to option for mid and low-handicappers with 95+ mph swing speeds who seek distance off the tee.

Maxfli Tour vs Tour X: Differences

Maxfli Tour vs Tour X

Both balls feature the proprietary OG balancing technology. They offer awe-inspiring performance and extreme durability.

Despite their many similarities, their differences are pretty notable.

What follows is the comprehensive comparison of both balls using different comparison metrics to determine their differences.


The Maxfli Tour ball has a slightly lower launch angle and spin rate than the Tour X ball.

It has a mid-launch profile, while the Tour X has a mid-high-launch profile.

As such, the Tour ball is perfect for players who need assistance controlling their ball flight and reducing spin off the driver.

Conversely, the Tour X ball, with its higher launch angle and spin rate, is ideal for players with higher swing speeds who want to maximize their distance off the tee.


Both the Tour and Tour X golf balls have a similar feel on the green.

Generally, both are soft with an incredible feel.

However, when compared, the Tout X feels a bit firmer, meaning the Tour ball has a softer feel.

As such, the Tour ball may provide players with a more satisfying sensation on impact. Conversely, the Tour X offers more feedback and can benefit players who want to feel the clubhead more during their swing.


The Maxfli Tour ball has a lower compression rating than the Tour X ball, which makes it softer and more suitable for players with slower swing speeds who want to obtain more distance.

Specifically, the Tour ball has a compression rating of 91, while the Tour X compression rating is 100.

Hence, the Tour X will be ideal for players with higher swing speeds who want to increase their ball speed.

Short Game

Maxfli claims that both balls have similar short-game spin.

There’s no consistent disparity between them, but compared to other high-end balls, they are slightly below average regarding spin.

Around the greens, the Maxfli Tour X ball has a slightly firmer feel than the Maxfli Tour ball, which may be preferable to some players.

It also offers a bit more spin and controls on short shots, making it perfect for players who prioritize short-game performance.

Long Game

The Maxfli Tour and Tour X balls both perform adequately at a distance.

The Tour X ball has a more penetrating ball flight, making it an excellent choice for golfers who like a boring trajectory off the tee.

On the other hand, players who prefer to hit a higher ball flight with more spin might consider the Maxfli Tour ball because of its greater spin rate and softer feel.


The urethane cover of both balls offers outstanding scuff resistance and long-lasting playability, and they have exceptional durability.

However, because of its firmer feel and higher compression rating, which help it resist wear and tear, the Maxfli Tour X ball may have a slight advantage in this area.

Maxfli Tour vs Tour X: Which is Better?

Maxfli Tour vs Tour X

Both balls provide excellent performance and great value for money.

Given the benefits they offer and their affordability, players can’t be wrong with either option.

However, each has unique specifications making them ideal for different types of players.

The better one is subjective, and the right question should be which is best for you, which ultimately depends on your skill set and preferences.

If you prioritize distance over greenside feel and you want a penetrating ball flight, the Tour X golf ball will be an excellent choice for you.

On the other hand, if you value a soft feel and a high spin rate, choose the Tour ball. Finally, you can try both golf balls to determine the best fit for your game.

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