Mizuno MP 33 Specs: Ultimate Guide

Mizuno is a famous brand for developing some of the finest forged irons in the golf industry. Most tour professionals patronize Mizuno clubs more than any other on world tours.

With extensive input from PGA Tour, Japan players, European Tour, and cutting-edge computer-aided design, Mizuno has developed MP-33, the ultimate irons with forged muscle back.

These irons are among the best Mizuno irons and are highly coveted by golfers.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the features and specifications of this ultimate Mizuno iron.

At the end of the article, you’ll have significantly understood the Mizuno MP-33 iron’s specifications.

Let’s get started.


The Mizuno MP-33 irons were initially released in 2002, meaning it’s been around for two decades.

It had similar designs and aesthetics to the MS-3 blade. However, it consisted of an updated profile and sole grind on the side region.

It had a curved muscle back blade and was highly sought after by famous golfers because it had a lower center of gravity than many other blade models.

This attribute helps increase the ball’s flight quickly. Generally, they were designed to offer workability but still offer substantial forgiveness.

These irons had an incredibly long run in the Mizuno iron history, and we have been in the lineup for many years.

Even after the end of their retail life, they were still available for many years as custom orders.

Now the forged muscle back MP-33 irons are becoming mainstream again. Let’s discuss the features of this ultimate set of irons.

Features of the Mizuno MP-33 irons

The MP-33 iron features its predecessors’ different attributes: the older MP iron series.

It has an MP-9 face profile, the Camber and Radius, and the Sole of the MP-14. The iron can be seen as the amalgamation of the best set of Mizuno irons.

Generally, forged irons are developed to offer players ideal flight ball control.

Hence, they all often have a similar design. Like most Mizuno forgings, this iron is built with Select 1025 Mild Carbon Steel.

The brand used its patent pending” Grain Flow forging” procedure to develop the MP-33 irons to provide a consistent feel and premium quality.

It has numerous design enhancements, including a sole chamber and a computer-optimized sweet spot.

The sweet spot location and flow ensure maximum workability and trajectory control.

Its sole shape features a beveled trailing edge and the rolled leading edge to reduce turf dragging and digging.

Furthermore, the iron design has little offset consistent all through the set.

The updated Mizuno MP-33 exhibits specific features that distinguish it from other golf clubs.

It includes a different center of gravity(COG), lower than most others, so that it can increase ball flight.

Presently, there are still numerous MP-33 clubs in use, and you can buy second-hand versions if you desire these irons.

MP-33 Specifications

Golf club specifications often need to be more straightforward and manageable, especially for an average golfer.

But they’re crucial in choosing the correct equipment. Below are the specifications of the MP-33 specifications explained extensively.


Loft signifies the elevation of the club head above the golfer’s body. The higher the loft, the higher the ball trajectory.

It also helps eliminate obstacles and land on softer, higher lies. The MP-33 irons have a loft angle between 16°-46°, meaning golfers have a comprehensive option to get the right fit for their preference.


Golf club length means the height of the golf club.

The standard club length for irons is 35 inches, while it’s about 44 inches for the driver. For the MP-33 irons, the length options range from 35.25″ – 39.75″, with 0.5″ differences between each length option.


The lie angle is formed between the center of the shaft or sole and the ground when the iron is placed at address.

A proper lie angle means the sole center will sit squarely on the field when you put the club down behind the golf club.

The MP-33 irons offer a lie angle range between 57°- 63°. With this wide range of lie angles available, you get the correct angle to make your game more accurate.

Standard Shaft and Grip

The standard shaft for the MP-33 iron is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel, while the Golf Pride Tour Velvet is the stock grip.

For more information, visit: https://mizunogolf.com/us/irons-timeline/

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