Mizuno MP 57 vs MP 60: Which is Better Right Now?

Mizuno is a Japanese sportswear and sports equipment company headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

It was founded in 1906 and has since, expanded into many countries worldwide.

Mizuno sells a wide range of sports equipment and apparel like golf clubs, running shoes, and soccer boots.

The company is reputable for its high-quality products which are designed to meet the needs of athletes at all levels.

The MP (muscle power) series is a line of golf irons known for their high-quality construction and performance.

With various iron models designed to meet specific player needs, we’ll be taking a short comparison of two irons from the MP series: MP-57 and MP-60.

MP 57 and MP 60: An Overview

Mizuno MP 57 vs MP 60

The MP series is a line of forgiving golf clubs designed to reduce the impact of off-center hits and help players achieve better results on the course.

Their main features include a low center of gravity, wide sole, and a high MOI, which are useful in enhancing performance.

Mizuno MP 57 Review

The Mizuno MP-57 is the first Iron that utilizes a full cavity back.

The MP-57 has a face that is taller and slightly wider to go with its full cavity. This helps it deliver a sweet spot that is 7% bigger than the MP-60. So, you can feel the difference most with the longer irons.

The Mizuno MP-57 is perfect for low single-figure players who prefer a quality forged iron, the larger head gives much more confidence at address.

  • It is more forgiving than the MP-60
  • Full cavity back and higher offset, which makes it more forgiving
  • Great for mid to high handicappers

A noteworthy drawback is that it has a thicker topline, which may become noticeable when you’re playing.

Mizuno MP 60 Review

Designed for intermediate to advanced golfers, the MP-60 is a more precise iron with a lower launch angle, which can benefit players seeking more control and distance.

The MP-60 is equipped with a sleek and compact head and combines different materials to create a club that offers a balance of feel and forgiveness.

Both irons are made from high-quality materials and feature advanced technology such as Cut Muscle and Grain Flow.

These help to improve performance and are available in various flexes to fit different swing speeds.

  • Have a slightly thinner topline
  • Great looking irons
  • Has a lower ball flight compared to MP 57

Unfortunately, it may not be as forgiving as the MP-57, which might be important to you if you are a beginner.

Mizuno MP 57 vs MP 60: Differences

Mizuno MP 57 vs MP 60

The main difference between the MP-57 and MP-60 iron is their level of forgiveness.

The MP-57 irons are designed to be more forgiving than the MP-60, with a higher launch angle and a wider sole. This helps reduce the impact of off-center hits.

In contrast, the MP-60 is designed to offer a lower launch angle with more precision. It is most useful to players who want more control and achieve more distance.


The Mizuno MP 57 and MP 60 are both iron golf clubs, but they differ in terms of construction:

MP 57:

  • Mid-range cavity back design
  • Weight is distributed towards the perimeter for improved forgiveness
  • Thicker topline and sole for increased stability

MP 60:

  • Muscle back design
  • Compact head shape with less offset for improved control
  • Thinner topline and sole for a more traditional look and feel.

Both models are made with high-quality materials and engineered for performance. But the construction differences reflect their intended playability and suitability for different types of golfers.


The MP 57 is designed for increased forgiveness and stability, making it a good choice for mid-handicap players or those who need help correcting mis-hits.

On the other hand, the MP 60 is designed for improved control and a more traditional feel.

Thus, making it a better option for low-handicap players or those who value a more traditional look and feel in their clubs.


The price difference between the Mizuno MP 57 and MP 60 irons can vary based on several factors such as the retailer, time of purchase, and the specific model and specifications of each club.

However, in general, the MP 60 is considered to be a higher-end model and therefore tends to have a higher price point than the MP 57.

Keep in mind that the final cost will depend on the specific configuration and retailer. So it’s best to check the current prices for both models to determine the specific difference in price.

Final Words

Choosing between the MP-57 or MP-60 will depend on your playing style and needs.

A beginner player who wants to hit the ball more will likely go for the most forgiving of the lot. The MP-57 and a more advanced player who wants to build on their accuracy will be better suited with the MP-60.

But there are always exceptions.

As a general recommendation, try out both irons to see which works best for you. Better still, book a fitting session to get all your golf concerns addressed by golf professionals.

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