Nippon vs. True Temper: Which Is Better?

Shafts are often underrated in golf gameplay. In most cases, the shafts will be much more crucial than the club heads.

Also, when you’re unhappy with your iron plays, it could be that your shafts don’t match your swing rather than a problem with the club head.

So having a quality golf shaft is a no-brainer.

However, because there are numerous golf shaft brands in the industry, it’s often a challenge to pick the right choice.

What’s the best golf iron shaft for you?

In this article, we’ll be demystifying two top iron shaft brands: True Temper and Nippon, using different factors.

At the end of the article, you’ll be able to choose the best for yourself.

Nippon vs. True Temper: Overview

Nippon vs. True Temper

Nippon has been creating steel shafts for decades and is a leading steel shaft in Asia.

However, the brand is only recently going mainstream in the US and Western countries.

Nippon aims to revolutionize the golf game by making its shafts the defining element of the utmost fascination.

Nippon has created proprietary golf shaft materials and focused heat-treatment processes providing an excellent line of high-performance golf shafts.

The brand shafts have an exceptional feel, performance, and consistency.

Similarly, True Temper is one of the best golf shaft manufacturers in the world.

The brand designs and manufactures premium shafts, trusted by many around the globe.

They have been the front-runner on the PGA Tour for almost a century.

The golf shafts are used by many PGA players in tour tournaments, including Champions European, Japan Tour, and Korn Ferry.

To establish the best between these brands, we’ll compare their popular shafts: True Temper Elevate 95 and Nippon 950, respectively, using the following factors.


Flex is an essential attribute of a good shaft. It’s termed the bend amount present in a golf shaft.

The greater the flex, the more the shaft will bend, and vice versa.

However, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages attributed to different flex options. Flex can impact the game depending on the type of swing speed a golfer has.

If you have a higher swing speed, a stiffer golf shaft is ultimately the best for you.

On the other hand, if you have slower swing speeds, a principal characteristic of numerous casual golfers, a golf shaft with plenty of flex is your best bet.

Regarding flex options, this Nippon shaft offers more options than its True Temper counterparts.

While the Nippon shaft provides four options, the True Temper shaft has two options.

For clarity, Nippon 950 provides Stiff, Extra Stiff, Regular and Senior options. True Temper, on the other hand, has only the Regular and Stiff flex options.


Weight is another significant difference between the two shafts.

The Nippon shaft has heavier weights than the True Temper shaft.

It has weight options such as 94.5, 97, 98, and 104g, with no overlap. The True Temper Elevate 95 has lighter weights of 93g and 94g.


The length factor is not a major distinguishing factor between these golf shafts since there’s not much difference.

There are some overlaps in these golf shaft lengths. Generally, the Nippon has a length range of 35-39.5 inches, while the Elevate shaft has a length range of 36.5-40.5 inches.

However, Nippon has a shorter length of about 1.5 inches compared to the Elevate 95.


Concerning the legality status, it’s not surprising that both shafts are considered legal as reputable brands design them.

They conform to the strict rules of the USGA and R&A.

It signifies that both shafts can be used in casual, professional, or high-level amateur golf games.

Nippon vs. True Temper: Which is Better?

Nippon vs. True Temper

The comparison and reviews show that both shafts are excellent golf accessories, offering golfers exceptional attributes to improve their game.

Both shafts exhibit different features and, as such, cater to different golfers.

The better one will depend on your preferences and what you want from your golf.

Nippon vs. True Temper: Which Should You Choose?

Before choosing the best for yourself, we recommend you evaluate your game and highlight what you intend to improve so you can align it with the strengths of each shaft.

If you have a slow or average swing speed, you’ll need to go for the regular or stiff flex options, meaning either shaft is excellent for you.

However, if you have a very slow or too fast swing speed, you’ll need additional flex options such as senior or extra stuff, depending on the case.

As such, Nippon 950 is your ideal choice.

Furthermore, the Elevate 95 lighter weight options enable golfers to increase or maintain their swing speed more than the Nippon 950.

The lighter weight will allow you to obtain increased swing speed. However, it has its downside too.

It is often challenging to control, and it may lead to losing accuracy.

Conversely, the heavier weights of the Nippon 950 means you’ll likely lose some speed compared to the Elevate 95 weights, but you’ll generate an improved accuracy.

Also, the heavier shafts are always tedious to deviate from swing paths which means you’ll more likely hit consistent shots.

Finally, depending on your personal preferences, the Nippon 950’s limited length range may be appropriate for you.

The Nippon would be preferable for you in this situation. However, either can be used if you use longer lengths.

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