Oncore Golf Balls vs Pro v1: Which Is Better?

Choosing the ideal golf ball often equates to directly enhancing your game. Today’s discourse puts under the microscope two uniquely distinguished golf balls – Oncore and Titleist Pro V1.

Oncore, renowned for its technology-driven design approach, brings an impressive array of offerings to the table.

On the other side, there is Titleist Pro V1 golf ball, a staple on the professional circuit, celebrated for its unmatched performance.

This comparison aims to dissect the intricacies of these balls, providing an in-depth understanding to assist you in making an informed choice.

Oncore Golf Balls

Oncore Golf has emerged as an innovative company driven by technology and the determination to disrupt traditional golf ball design. Their lineup of golf balls, featuring unique hollow metal core technology, is designed to provide golfers with greater accuracy and reduced sidespin.

Oncore Golf Balls vs Pro v1

Oncore’s approach revolves around utilizing the latest technological advances.

Their hollow metal core aims to push the boundaries of what a golf ball can achieve, offering enhanced perimeter weighting. This design helps in reducing sidespin, theoretically leading to straighter shots.


  • Generally priced lower than premium golf balls like the Pro V1.
  • It’s designed with a soft core for an enhanced feel.
  • Many models are praised for their long-lasting construction.
  • Suitable for those looking for a reduced spin in their long game.


  • Some skilled players might find the performance lacking compared to more premium offerings.
  • Not as widely recognized as brands like Titleist.

Titleist Pro V1

There is no doubt that Titleist’s Pro V1 has long been a symbol of excellence in golf.

Renowned for its exceptional consistency, feel, and distance, the Pro V1 has been embraced by professionals and avid golfers alike.

Oncore Golf Balls vs Pro v1

The Pro V1, on the other hand, has focused on delivering a golf ball with exceptional feel and distance without relying on a radical shift in design. Its multi-layer construction produces a blend of a soft feel and consistent flight.


  • Known for exceptional quality and consistency, used by many professionals.
  • It is designed to maximize distance with low long-game spin.
  • Excellent short-game spin control for more aggressive play around the greens.
  • Available in various models to suit different playing styles.


  • Often more expensive compared to other brands like Oncore.
  • Some players might find the soft cover is prone to scuffs and wear.

Oncore Golf Balls vs. Pro V1: Which Is Better?


The Oncore Golf Balls employ a distinctive hollow metal core, encased within an inner cover and an ultra-thin cast urethane outer cover.

This unique three-piece construction is aimed at achieving specific performance goals:

  • The core design allows for enhanced perimeter weighting, which has been shown to reduce sidespin. This technology attempts to provide greater accuracy by helping the ball to fly straighter, even on mishits.
  • The intermediate layer serves as a bridge between the core and the outer cover, aiding in energy transfer and spin control.
  • Oncore’s ultra-thin cast urethane cover is designed to provide a soft feel and excellent short-game control.

The synergistic effect of these layers claims to provide a golf ball that performs well across a wide range of shots, offering an attractive blend of accuracy, feel, and control.

The Titleist Pro V1, one of the flagship products of Titleist, employs a sophisticated multi-layer design:

  • The solid core of the Pro V1 is formulated to provide lower spin and increased velocity off the tee, optimizing distance.
  • This layer contributes to the golf ball’s exceptional control, particularly on full iron shots.
  • The soft cover of the Pro V1 is renowned for delivering a soft feel and high levels of short-game spin, crucial for control around the greens.

Varied Temperatures

There is limited information about the specific performance of Oncore Golf Balls in various temperature ranges. However, their construction will likely provide consistent behavior across typical playing temperatures.

Titleist invests in extensive testing, and the Pro V1 is expected to perform consistently across a wide temperature range.

Whether playing in the chill of early spring or the heat of midsummer, golfers can generally expect the Pro V1 to respond consistently.

While both balls should offer reliable performance across different temperatures, Titleist’s commitment to testing and quality control may lend more confidence in the Pro V1’s consistency.


Oncore’s pricing strategy is based on providing quality performance at a reasonable cost.

Their golf balls are usually positioned as a premium offering without reaching the top tier in pricing. This makes them an appealing option for serious golfers looking for performance but with budget considerations.

As one of the most recognized names in golf, Titleist’s Pro V1 is often considered the gold standard among premium golf balls.

This reputation is reflected in its pricing, which is generally at the higher end of the market.

The Pro V1 is marketed toward those seeking top-tier performance without compromise, and its price reflects this positioning.

Oncore Golf Balls and Titleist Pro V1 have different pricing strategies that align with their brand positioning.

Oncore aims to provide performance at a more accessible price, whereas Titleist Pro V1 commands a premium, reflecting its status in the market.

This pricing difference may be a significant consideration for different types of golfers.


Though a prominent brand, Oncore might not have the extensive distribution network of some bigger competitors.

Availability can vary by region, and while online purchasing options are typically robust, finding them in local stores might be more challenging in some areas.

Titleist’s global distribution network ensures that the Pro V1 is widely available in golf shops, sporting goods stores, and online retailers across the globe.

Their well-established presence in the market makes purchasing Pro V1s convenient for most golfers.

While Oncore Golf Balls may offer a more attractive price point for many golfers, Titleist’s widespread availability could make purchasing more straightforward for Pro V1.

This difference in availability may influence the buying decision for some golfers, depending on their location and purchasing preferences.

Oncore Elixr vs Pro V1: Are They Similar?

No. They are two very different balls. And here is how you can differentiate them:

Oncore ELIXR

  • Performance: Known for its perimeter weighting technology, it offers a straight trajectory and good control.
  • Feel: The composite core provides a soft feel, enhancing playability.
  • Price: Positioned in the mid-range, offering value for those who seek performance at a more affordable price.
  • Target Audience: Aimed at mid to low handicappers looking for a balanced performance

Titleist Pro V1:

  • Performance: Favoured by professionals, offers exceptional distance, spin control, and consistency.
  • Feel: A soft feel but with responsive feedback, favored by advanced players.
  • Price: A premium product with a corresponding price, reflecting its elite status.
  • Target Audience: Designed for serious golfers and professionals seeking the pinnacle of performance.

Finally, the Oncore ELIXR offers a balanced, affordable option for a wide range of players, while the Titleist Pro V1 caters to those seeking top-tier performance and are willing to invest in it.

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