One Shot Slice Fix Review from PGA!

Most golfers have no idea why they keep slicing the golf ball. Some say they swing too fast; others think they don’t keep the elbow in. Without a good grip, you could make a steep swing into the ball.

Hank Haney (the legendary golf instructor) has finally released the one-shot slice fix. He has worked with iconic stars like Tiger Woods and amateur golfers.

If you’re an average golfer, you can fix the problem in five minutes or less. Will this strategy help to play consistent golf? Here is a detailed one shot slice fix review:

One Shot Slice Fix Review


One Shot Slice Fix Review
Source: Adam Young Golf


One-shot slice fix adds about 30 yards of distance. It eliminates the distance-stealing fades and creates an accurate straight shot.

Once you lock the club into the slice, you get consistent and on-target contact. Even better, the strategy shaves up to 10 strokes from the scorecard.

How it works

Before you make the practice swing, you need drivers with little loft. The new adjustable drivers allow you to increase the move.

Instead of swinging a 9-degree driver, you need 10-15 degrees. This ensures you release your hands and turn a 10.5 driver to 9.

Now, here is how it’ll go down:

1. Set the hands for release

Turn the hands away for a firm grip. Once you draw the lines up from the hands, you should hit the collar on the right side of the shirt. For this strategy, take a soft grip.

2. Draw a backward loop

Instead of a soled clubhead, swing the club above the head and then over the ball. Once you make the swing, the club will naturally drop into a shallower plane, and the hands will start to release.

3. Lift and turn

Incorporate the body turn into the drill. Once you groove the clockwise circle motion, keep the loop on and add the shoulder turn.

Turn the shoulders to feel the weight of the club head, swing over the ball, and make a clockwise loop.

4. Turn and release

The last step is the transition from a practice drill to a golf swing. Lift the club in a backswing position – the left arm in front of the chest.

Next, make a full backswing turn and swing over the shots. You’ll feel the backward loop ready for a right-to-left ball flight.


This strategy works for any player, including newbies. In a nutshell, the one-shot slice fix gets the clubs in the correct position and makes you confident more than ever.

It quickly corrects your natural swing.

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