P790 vs. Stealth Irons: Are they Different?

The golf industry is vast, with many brands offering a wide range of products to make the game easier for players.

There has been considerable development of forged iron models in past years, and the choices are limitless.

Some brands already have several sets of irons in their lineups, while others still produce massively. With so many options available, it’s easy to get confused

TaylorMade is a golf brand making irons with innovative technology and exciting features. The TaylorMade Stealth and the P790 irons are some of the best offerings from the brand.

Are they different? Which is the best, the two?

This article will demystify these irons to establish differences and reveal the best between them.

P790 vs. Stealth Irons: Are They Different?

Yes, the TaylorMade P790 and Stealth are two different irons. Both irons are some of the best produced by the brand, but they offer distinctive features to users.

They are great irons for their characteristics and provide superior performance for the package.

The TaylorMade P790 is a Players Distance iron released in 2017. It came along and transformed the market, and it’s the best-selling forged irons of the brand.


It features a hollow body design which offers golfers the perfect aura and feels without compromising forgiveness and distance.

Since its release, the iron has become the leading choice in the Players’ distance category, providing incredible forgiveness and distance alongside an exciting sound and soft feel.


It features innovative technology from the brand, which allows a high handicapper to use the irons comfortably.

The iron has been upgraded twice since its release.

The new TaylorMade iron features more advanced technology that improves the game and exceeds the foundation laid by its predecessor.

It features The Speed Foam Air technology in the hollow body, which provides the player with a sleek look and better distance plus forgiveness.

The upgrade was necessary to provide exceptional workability and distance from the iron.

Generally, the new iron version is ideal for mid-handicappers but can also cater to all levels of golfers due to the exceptional performance on all ramifications.

TaylorMade Stealth irons are developed to introduce a fresh set of technology into irons initially designed for forgiveness.

The Stealth irons have a fascinating cap back design, a massive step toward the evolutionary movement from traditional cavity back irons.

The irons spot the successful Cap Back design and improve it with the Toe Wrap Construction.

The brand was on a massive movement when it created the iron as it’s a one-model iron with no large oversized version for amateur golfers.

The Stealth iron is a long and forgiving game improvement iron for mid to high handicappers. It provides a higher launch with incredible stopping power on the greens.

It has thick and chunky soles, and the look is attractive. Generally, this iron is ideal for mid to high handicappers who prefer more forgiveness over feel on the field.

P790 vs. Stealth Irons: Differences

Both irons are excellent distance irons that offer users forgiveness as well.

The significant differences between them lie in the technology available in each. The P790 features similar features and technologies to the ones in the other family of irons.

Speed Foam Air

The P790 has the Speed Foam Air technology, which helps save weights for other club areas and provides a better sound and a softer feel.

Thru Slot Speed Pocket

It also has the “Thru Slot Speed Pocket,” which improves flex and provides better shots for the usual miss low on the face.

Inverted Cone Technology

The Inverted Cone Technology enhances the size of the sweet spot, ensuring maximum strikes from different face positions.

The Thin Wall Structure controls the weight of other areas and improves energy transmission from the club to the ball.

Finally, the 4140 Steel L Face improves ball speeds and adds more flex in the face to offer forgiveness.

On the other hand, the Toe Wrap Construction is the central technology in the Taylormade Stealth irons.

The Stealth irons are developed with the Toe Wrap Construction to eliminate weight from the high toe end region of the iron and put the additional weight low in the head.

As such, it improves distance and flex and offers a higher ball flight.

Similar to the P790s, they also feature the Inverted Cone Technology and the Thru Slot Speed Pocket to ensure better distance and high launch when smashing the ball lower on the face.

However, the Stealth iron takes the One Size Fits All approach. It only comes in the Standard version to cater to a wide range of players.

Which Should You Choose?

The better one for you will depend on your preference and skill set.

Ideally, the Stealth irons are suitable for skilled mid-to-high handicap players who only want optimum distance and forgiveness from a game improvement iron.

On the other hand, the P790 irons are most suited for a mid-handicapper who wants to try a more compact head shape.

They offer immense control and feel without compromising distance and forgiveness.

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