Ping Anser 3 vs Anser 2 Putters: A Comparison

When the Ping Anser Putter was debuted a few years ago, it features that head-toe tungsten weighting everyone has been waiting for.

This construction not only provides accuracy but also brings forgiveness and stability closer to golfers.

Packed with excellent features like a soft ballast surface, center line, and rounded corners, making alignment with the Anser is as easy as setting your ball on the tee.

But then PING released Ping 2, followed by the Anser 3. So, it’s natural people would want to compare Ping Anser 2 vs Anser 3. And yes, the Ping Anser 3 has great features but it is extremely similar to version 2.

To take the design even further, the Anser 3 is a slightly slanted hosel, different from the pointed heel of the Anser 2. The Anser 2, on its own, is narrower and flat-faced than the Anser 3.

The Anser series of putters has been praised to be forgiving, and balanced, and features slight lines and angles that make squaring up very easy.

Both Anser 3 and Anser 2 have a similar profile and there aren’t a lot of differences between the two.

But still, quite a number of people want to know if there is any subtle differences that can make/break their final decision.

This is why we wrote this article.

Does the Anser 3 come with anything new that is worth considering? Should you leave your Anser 2 for the Anser 3?

Let’s find out in this short comparison:

Performance of the Two Anser Putters

Ping Anser 3 vs Anser 2

The two are quite similar in terms of performance.

Looking at the construction of both putters, the differences appear to be in their aesthetics.

However, there are also quite a few models in the Anser series (apart from the traditional ones).

These include the likes of the Redwood and Milled versions which makes some of the differences to be subtle.

While a lot of pros like Tiger Woods, Jason Gore, etc., may have preferred one over the other, none of the two are designed for a specific set of golfers.

PING designed them to be played by all golfers.

The Price

In terms of price, the Ping Anser 3 is a little bit costlier than the Anser 2. Not much difference though. Where you’re buying will also affect the final price.

How They Feel

The Anser 2 is going to feel flatter, harder, and sharper than the Anser3. Anser 2, on the other hand, will give you a more slanted feel in comparison.

The feel is very similar in both models.

A lot of users claim they’ll go for the Anser 4 because it looks to be different from all of the previous models in the series (which gives pros and beginners a fresh breath).

It might also come with more features and might possibly perform better.

Comparing the Design of the Putters

As mentioned above, quite a few testers have stated that there isn’t much difference in feel. The only area where most people have found the difference is in the material used in constructing both putters.

The Anser 3 is made entirely from steel, compared to the no. 2 which comes in mallet and aluminum.

According to PING, both the Anser two and Anser three have similar geometries and center alignment lines to make aiming as easy as possible.

The Anser 3 has more rounded bumpers than the Anser 2. The Anser 2, on the other hand, features a square bumper and a sharper edge.

The Anser 3 is constructed from steel similar to the stainless steel ( or BeCu or BeNi or SS) construction of the Anser 2.


All said and done, the look at address will be the most difference between the two because of the top-line differences above.

The Anser 2 will look narrower, longer, and straighter while the Anser 3 will look slanted and probably beefier at address.


As you can see, this is a short review and comparison of some sort.

Looking at the profile of both Anser 2 and Anser 3, it’s easy to see that they are very similar.

Some might even play them without noticing any significant differences. But no matter how subtle, you’ll probably notice the differences if you’re a pro golfer.

Will this affect performance? Doubtful. Both are on the same pedestal when it comes to functionality.

But when it comes to the look, there are a few variances, which I tried to cover in this article.

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