Ping Eye 2 Specs: All You Need to Know!

The Ping Eye 2 irons stand tall among the renowned clubs in the golf industry. They come with innovative design and precision engineering that significantly provide a perfect swing.

They are classic irons that have captivated players for decades and are still some of the highly coveted irons in modern eras.

This article will delve into these irons’ specifications, identifying their unique traits, features, and specifications as well as unraveling the famous Ping Eye 2 Sand wedge loft.


The Ping Eye 2 irons are the most famous and iconic golf clubs ever. They were created in the 80s and have attained groundbreaking achievements.

For instance, Tiger Woods used these iron to win the US Amateur before signing the sponsorship.

These are game improvement irons and the finest of their time. They have incredible feel and performance and were primarily designed for average golfers. However, the outstanding features cater to a wide range of golfers.

The Ping Eye 2 irons have become an iconic representation of quality craftsmanship and performance.

The timeless designs have stood the test of time, and golfers continue to appreciate the blend of classic aesthetics and modern features. They are designed with premium materials and meticulously crafted to deliver precision in every swing.

They offer quality forgiveness and feel comparable to some modern Ping irons.

They come with signature design elements, including a Perimeter weighting system and offset hosel for stabilizing the club head on off-center shots, ensuring players can square up at impact nicely.

In the golf world, few irons carry the name and legacy of Ping 2 Eye irons.

Ping Eye 2 Irons: Key Specifications

Ping Eye 2 Specs

  • Club: 1-9 iron with PW, SW, and LW.
  • Loft angle: 16-61°
  • Lie angle: 58-64.5°

Clubhead Design

The Ping Eye 2 irons feature an ingenious clubhead design. They have a cavity-back design with a hollowed-out portion on the back of the club head.

This design element increases the Moment of Inertia (MOI) and enhances forgiveness to help you get better accuracy on off-center hits.

It redistributes the weight to the club head perimeter, improving the sweet spot and minimizing mishits impact. So even when you don’t strike the ball ideally, you can still get consistent distance and direction.

Additionally, the Ping Eye 2’s small clubhead size balances playability and control. You can shape shots easily with the smaller clubhead size, making them the perfect option for anybody looking for shot variety.

Loft Options

These sets of irons come with a wide range of loft options, meaning different levels of players can find a suitable option. They feature varying options, from wedges to long irons, each specifically designed to enhance performance.

The Ping Eye 2 Sand wedge is one of the meticulously crafted loft options. The loft ranges from 54-57°, meaning it can function efficiently in chip shots, sand traps, and delicate shots around the greens.

Also, the sand wedge’s higher loft allows players to hit the ball higher and precisely control the trajectory. It is configured so that when it faces difficult bunker shots, it provides the necessary control and height to maneuver successfully.

You can execute precise short-game shots with the Ping Eye 2 Sand Wedge Loft, improving their capacity to handle varied scenarios on and around the green.

Club Length

The Ping Eye 2 irons are renowned for following industry standards regarding club length so all players can comfortably move from one club to another without difficulty.

The club lengths are consistent, meaning you enjoy similar feel and swing mechanics throughout the set.

Shaft Options

Numerous shaft options are available with the Ping Eye 2 irons to cater to different swing characteristics and preferences.

They include different flexes, weights, and materials. So, you can choose the suitable one to achieve your desired feel, trajectory, and overall club performance.

Also, there are customization options for the shaft length so that you can adjust their clubs to your preferences and needs.

Interestingly, the brand offers custom fitting services to help players optimize their iron performance by matching their swing features and playing style with the right shaft option.


The grip is another critical feature of a golf club. Ping Eye 2 irons feature premium grips that offer maximum comfort and traction. They come in various options catering to different grip preferences or hand sizes.

Choosing the suitable grip material and size is one of the significant steps to maintaining a safe and comfortable hold on the club throughout the swing.

Wrapping Up

The Ping Eye 2 irons are top-notch golf clubs that have endured the test of time because of their superior performance and design.

Each feature of the irons is designed to improve your experience on the course, from the cutting-edge cavity-back clubhead to the adaptable variety of loft options.

Particular praise should be given to the Ping Eye 2 Sand Wedge Loft for its efficacy in chip shots, bunker shots, and delicate shots around the greens.

The better trajectory and spin provided by the higher loft provide the assurance you need to handle difficult circumstances and perform accurate short-game shots.

The Ping Eye 2 irons give golfers the tools they need to improve their game by paying close attention to details like clubhead design, loft options, club length, shaft variations, and grips.

You can choose the Ping Eye 2 as a part of your golf equipment collection with confidence that you’re getting one of the best out there.

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