Ping G410 Plus vs. G425 Max: What’s The Difference?

Ping is a household name in the golf industry. It’s renowned for producing various golf clubs, including drivers.

Ping golf drivers are known for their high quality, innovative design, and excellent performance.

Among the varieties of options Ping avail, the G-series drivers are the leading options.

The G410 Plus and G425 Max are two popular driver options for golfers looking to upgrade their equipment.

Both models offer advanced technology and design features that can help players improve their games.

Using critical factors in this article, we’ll differentiate between the Ping G410 Plus and G425 Max. Ultimately, you can decide the best option for your game.


The Ping G410 Plus and G425 Max drivers are popular among golfers of all skill levels.

The Ping G410 Plus was released in early 2019 and succeeded by the G425 Max, released in early 2021.

While the former is known for its adjustability and accuracy, the latter is designed to offer incredible forgiveness and distance.

These drivers have several features and technologies designed to improve performance, such as adjustable weighting, loft, and enhanced aerodynamics.

Ping G410 Plus Vs. G425 Max: Differences

Ping G410 Plus Vs. G425 Max

Both drivers offer similar design features, such as adjustable hosels and movable weights.

Still, there are some critical differences between the two clubs you need to consider. Follow along as we differentiate between them using some factors below:


One of the key differences between the Ping G410 Plus and the G425 Max is the material used in their construction.

The G410 Plus has a titanium face and body, while the G425 Max has a more advanced T9S+ forged face and a carbon-fiber crown.

This material change has allowed Ping to redistribute weight to create a more forgiving and stable driver.

Key Technology

The Ping G410 Plus and G425 Max drivers use advanced technology to improve performance.

The G410 Plus features Ping’s Trajectory Tuning Technology, which allows golfers to adjust the loft and lie angle of the driver to optimize launch conditions.

The G425 Max, on the other hand, features a new Dragonfly Refined crown, which helps to reduce weight and improve stability.

Regarding the face design, both drivers have face designs that help create a more prominent sweet spot and faster ball speeds across the face.

The G410 Plus driver features Ping’s Dragonfly technology and VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology.

In contrast, the G425 Max driver features an AI-designed face and VFT technology.

The G425 Max driver’s AI-designed face is thinner, lighter, and stronger than the G410 Plus driver’s face.


Both drivers offer high customizability, but the G425 Max driver has more adjustable features.

In addition to an adjustable hosel and movable weight, the G425 Max driver also has three different settings for the lie angle, which allows golfers to adjust the lie angle to suit their swing characteristics.


The Moment of Inertia(MOI) is another differentiating factor between the two.

Generally, both drivers have excellent MOI, meaning they are resistant to twisting on off-center hits.

However, the G425 Max driver has a slightly higher MOI than the G410 Plus driver, which helps to improve ball speed and accuracy.

Sound and Feel

Both drivers also differ in the feel and sound they deliver.

The G425 Max driver has a noise-reducing design that helps to dampen unwanted vibrations and create a more solid feel at impact.

It produces a more responsive and lively feel. On the other hand, the G410 Plus driver doesn’t have a specific noise-reducing design.

It does have a slightly different sound and feels at impact due to its unique design features. It produces a more muted sound and feels.


The Ping G425 Max has a larger head size and a more aerodynamic shape, which helps to reduce drag and increase swing speed. It is designed to provide more distance.

The G410 Plus, on the other hand, has a smaller head size and a more traditional shape, which helps to improve accuracy and control.


Regarding value for money, the G410 Plus is the more affordable option.

It is an older model, so it’s available at a lower price point. The Ping G425 Max is more expensive, reflecting its more advanced design features and newer release date.

Ping G410 Plus vs. G425 Max: Which Is Better?

Ping G410 Plus Vs. G425 Max

Both drivers are excellent, and there are pros and cons to using any of them.

The G410 Plus offers more adjustability and precision, while the G425 Max offers more forgiveness and distance.

The G410 Plus is also more affordable, while the G425 Max offers the latest technology and design features.

Ultimately, the better one will vary across individuals depending on several factors, including skill set, budget, priority, and preferences.

If you value adjustability and precision, you may prefer the G410 Plus. Conversely, the G425 Max is your go-to option for more forgiveness and distance.

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