Ping i200 vs i210: What are the Differences?

Welcome to another review of the Ping i-series.

The i210 is expected to be an improvement on the i200, which has prompted many golfers to want to know the differences between the two.

In this article, we’re going to be comparing the two on a lot of the metrics you’re familiar with.

The goal is to help you choose the one that’ll help you improve your game. And if you’re looking to upgrade, then this article is for you too.

First Impression on Ping i200 & i210

Ping i200 or i210

The Ping i200 and i210 irons have been designed to provide golfers with improved performance. The i210 irons have a softer feel than the i200, due to the larger custom tuning port.

This improved feel provides more life at impact and makes it easier to hit well, resulting in increased distance and accuracy. The i210 irons also have a more premium look and aesthetics than the i200.

The summary of the matter is that the i210s have a slight improvement over their predecessor, i200. So, if you’re in the market for new clubs and looking to pick from the two, then your best choice will be the i210. However, if you already own the i200, then you may not see much difference as they are pretty similar.

However, let’s look at possible differences in a couple of aspects like design, feel, sound, forgiveness and technology in both.

Ping i200 vs i210: What are the Differences?


The Ping i210 irons are an evolution of the i200 series and feature a larger Custom Tuning Port insert in the back cavity.

Compared to the i200, the i210 has been designed for improved precision and turf interaction, making them ideal for game-improvement players.

They also feature a softer sound and feel when compared to the i200 irons, making them more forgiving and easier to hit.


The Ping i200 and i210 irons both offer high-performance features, such as power, precision, feel, and forgiveness.

While the i200 irons are designed for high launch and distance generation, the i210 irons are a step up in terms of turf interaction and ultimate distance.

Ultimately, the i210 irons provide an improved game experience over the i200s.

Feel and Sound

The Ping i200 and i210 irons offer a different feel and sound.

The i200 iron is designed to be precise with an emphasis on a soft sound, while the i210 iron has been designed to improve on this soft sound and feel even further.

When compared to one another, the i210 iron offers a softer feel and a more consistent sound than its predecessor.

Testing has also shown that the i210 iron can increase speed and distance while providing a pleasing feel and sound.


The PING i210 irons are the successor to the popular i200 line, and they offer significant improvements in terms of forgiveness.

The thinner sole and softer feel of the i210 makes it easier to hit well, leading to improved distance and accuracy.

Additionally, the i210 offers a combination of forgiveness, distance, and short-game control that the i200 may be unable to match.

The i210 provides a pleasant swing experience, and its soft sound and turf interaction make it an ideal choice for players looking for superior forgiveness.

The Tech Behind the Clubs

ping i200 vs i210

The i210 comes with a bigger elastomer insert at the back of the face. This, according to Ping, not only improves the feel but also helps you put more power behind the ball.

Ping has also confirmed that both clubs are designed to give you precision and feel and are less of a distance thing. Therefore, if you’re looking for a club to help you shoot further, both may not work out.

Now What?

It’s important to note that the difference between both clubs is almost negligible. If you test the playability, performance, feel, and even forgiveness in both the i210 and i200, you will see they are very similar.

The look on both is superb. The look on both is also not very distinguishable at address.

The i200 has a rounded line compared to the taller profile of the i210. So, if you like to compare them based on what you can get on performance and playability, then it may not be worth the upgrade.

However, if you want a different look and don’t mind spending on another club, then go for the i210.

Ping i200 or i210: Which One is Better?

The Ping i210 irons offer a significant improvement on the Ping i200 model. The larger elastomer insert behind the face provides a softer feel and enhanced performance, while the custom tuning port helps to optimize the ball flight.

The lofts of the i210 are the same as the i200. Though it is weaker than the i200 irons, their hollow head, and fast face design are parallel.

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