Ping i210 vs iBlade: What are the Differences?

Seeing different golf clubs and choosing a specific one is a skill that only professional golfers have mastered.

However, no matter what stage you are in at golfing, choosing the right golf club is very important.

This is because your golf club is one of the most important pieces of equipment that will determine your performance at golfing.

Before you’ll be able to choose the best golf club, you need to be able to differentiate one golf club from the other.

The Ping i210 and the iBlade are just some of the amazing clubs manufactured by Ping. Unfortunately, it is fairly easy to mistake one of these clubs for the other.

To make sure that is not the case with you, below are the differences between both of these amazing golf irons.

Ping i210 vs iBlade: What are the Differences?

Ping i210 or iBlade

The i210 is one of the best clubs ever designed by Ping. With its soft feel yet appealing look, it is no wonder that it is a favorite among many golfers.

This club was made for golfers with little or no experience at all. Why? Because this club requires minimal skill to use and master.

Together with its amazing accuracy across short distances, this is a club to have.

On the other hand, the Ping iBlade is a club that has a very unusual design for a blade-style iron.

This club is well known for how forgiving it is.

Great accuracy across long and short distances, together with amazing trajectory control, is what makes this club king.


The i210 is one of Ping’s golf clubs which is made up of a lot of materials.

However, the main material in this club is casted stainless steel. It also has some milled grooves which help when it comes to accuracy and control.

This club has a classy look that doesn’t affect its function at all. Therefore, if you want a simple and classic club that is still functional, then this is just for you.

The iBlade is a club that is made up of the usual stainless steel and milled grooves. However, what gives this club its amazing look is its hydropearl finish.

This makes the end product shiny and fancy.

It also helps to add an extra layer of durability. Therefore, this club is for golfers who want something fancy and functional.


One thing testers have noticed with the i210, in relation to its iBlade counterpart, is that it felt chunky and tight in the hand.

However, the i200 has a wider sole than the iBlade so if you like your shots to glide, then you may want to go for the i210s over the iBlades.

There is less offset to go with the thin topline and sole in the iBlade. The i210 also has a higher spin and a low launch, which has been confirmed by several users.

Not only will they fit well for you but might also perform better than the iBlade.

Feel & Forgiveness

To be clear, since feel is subjective, it’s hard to say which of these clubs feel better. You may have to try both to get a feel of their performance.

Also, some claim that iBlade clubs are more forgiving while others disagree, arguing instead that the i210 is more forgiving.

Anecdotal evidence is that some pros like Victor Hovland seem to prefer the i210 for short irons and the iBlades for longer ones.

Which might make us believe iBlades are more forgiving.

Maybe others have a mixture of both irons in their bag. If you want to find out, you may need to play them.

Who is it For?

Ping i210 or iBlade

Well, the Ping i210 is a club that is perfect for low-level golfers with little or no experience.

It was made for short distances due to beginner golfers that practice short distance shots. However, it can also be used by pro golfers with little or no stress at all.

The Ping iBlade, on the other hand, is for pros. With its accuracy across long distances and ball flight control, pro golfers can make use of it to show off.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros and cons of the i210 club are:


  • Low spin
  • Chrome finish
  • High ball speed


  • Weak sound
  • Expensive

Some of the pros and cons of the iBlade golf irons are:


  • More forgiving
  • Higher durability


  • High spin

Final Words: Ping i210 or iBlade?

Ping i210 or iBlade

Now that you know the differences between the Ping i210 and iBlade you can now choose the best among them. As a good golfer, always try to know more about your equipment.

If you’re concerned about forgiveness, then try the iBlade. But if you’re going to focus on playing in the short game, then i210. Otherwise the iBlades.

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