Ping S55 vs. iBlade: Which Is Better?

Ping is reputable for developing some of the best forgiving cavity back irons and excellent better players’ iron.

The Better player irons model has two variants: the S-irons suited for the better golfers and the i-irons for the better players who need more forgiveness.

The 2014 S55 irons were the last and most popular irons of the S-irons before being replaced by the i-irons.

The Ping iBlade is the successor to Ping’s S55 series, promising new features.

This article will provide a comprehensive review of the iBlade and S55 irons.

We’ll discuss the side-by-side comparison, pros, and cons to ultimately decide the best between them.


The Ping iBlade iron was developed to replace the S55 iron. It’s an upgrade to the S55 model and is meant to succeed where the predecessors haven’t.

The Ping S55 irons are tour-style iron with a blade design and a substantial offset amount that helps square the clubface at impact and enhance straighter shots.

It features a more significant loft that provides improved distance and control while enhancing workability for shaping shots.

The face is designed with an Elastomer Insert that dampens the feel and increases distance control.

You’ll notice the Vertical Stabilizing Bar and a Tungsten Toe Weight incorporated in the head to improve forgiveness and offer precise distance control.

Conversely, the iBlade iron has an overall better design. It features a muscle back design, topline, and minimal offset.

The more compact head provides a simple and fascinating appearance.

This ball is most notable for its softest and purest feel, the best achieved by the brand. The feel helps with the workability and control to assist shot shaping on command.

Ping claims the iron was developed through a comprehensive observation and research of leading tour equipment designs by the engineers.

The iron has a clean but compact head to offer skilled golfers who require control and precision to obtain their shots and get incredible performance beyond expectation.

The most crucial factor for the immense accuracy of the iBlade iron is the nearly “pure” Tungsten Toe Weights incorporated into the toe of the head to boast MOI.

Ping S55 vs. iBlade: Comparison

Ping S55 vs. iBlade

These Ping irons belong to the high-performance blade irons category. But each features distinctive attributes that differentiate them.

To establish the better one between the two, let’s compare their specifications using some factors as explained below:


Both irons differ in construction materials and techniques.

The S55 head design features a blade with moderate offset, while the Blade has a muscle back design with a thin top line and little offset.

Also, the iBlade is developed with 431 stainless steel, while the S55 counterpart features the Elastomer Insert as the face design.

Courtesy of the 431 stainless steel, the Blade has a thinner but slightly longer face than the S55 irons.

The 421 stainless steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, saving about 4 grams of weight in other areas.

As such, the engineers were able to build some features that make the iBlade more forgiving yet have the soft feel of a forged blade.


Ping S55 vs. iBlade

Regarding look and design, both irons are very clean, and there’s not much difference between them.

The only subtle difference is that the iBlade features little to no badging or branding, nor does it have any gimmicky colors.

It can be said to be “cleaner” than the S55 iron.

However, the better look is subjective, and golfers may have varying opinions.

Control & Performance

The iBlade irons are thinner, cleaner ones with more forgiveness than the S55 irons. They also have an incredible feel at impact.

You’ll also notice they have higher ball flight but less spin than the S55.

The loft is moderate and offers less distance because of the reduced spin. The iBlade 7-iron is weaker by a degree compared to the S55.


Since the iBlade iron is more of an upgrade to the S55 iron, it’s not surprising that it is more expensive.

The brand claims to use more effort and time to produce it, which makes it have better design, performance, and quality than the S55.

Ping S55 Vs. iBlade: Which Is Better?

Ping S55 or iBlade

Undoubtedly, both irons are excellent, and they offer golfers good value for money. However, when compared, it is evident that the Blade is better than the S55 Iron.

The brand even claimed that it produced the iBlade iron to upgrade the S55 irons.

As such, it has a cleaner design, better quality, and performance. They are more precise, with compact shapes and a simple appearance.

The most notable improvement compared to the S55 irons is its incredible forgiveness.

This doesn’t mean the S55 iron is substandard, but only that the iBlade is the better option.

Generally, the S55 irons are an excellent option for players seeking a combination of distance, control, and playability.

The forgiveness is also good, and it has a great design too.

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