Ping Tour 65 vs 75: Which Is Better?

Ping is one of the leading and reputable companies in the market.

The company partners with premium manufacturers to establish high-quality shafts for golfers and the Ping Tour shafts are a testament.

Since these shafts come in different grams, it could be challenging to choose the right one.

The type of shaft you use has a great influence on your game. Your game will only improve greatly if you carry the right shaft weight.

While there’s a stereotype that strong players should only use heavy weights and vice-versa, it’s only true to some extent. There’s more to choosing the right shaft weight than that.

This article will compare and contrast the Ping Tour 65 and 75 shafts, establish their differences and choose the best for you.


Ping Tour 65 or 75

Ping provides numerous golf shaft options in its drivers. The Tour Shaft series is the leading shaft line and is available in multiple weights.

The Ping Tour 65 shaft is one of the most popular options for golfers. It’s the average shaft weight, and many regular, stiff, and x-stiff shafts are available in this weight size.

Generally, this shaft is perfect for mid to low-handicap golfers. It helps golfers with swing speeds between 90 mph-104 mph obtain the actual rate.

While at it, it still helps keep the head within control.

The Ping 75 shaft is another common shaft option for golfers. This shaft is quite stable and provides great dispersion.

Generally, it’s well-suited for better and stronger players because it will help generate plenty of clubhead speed. The shaft weight provides stability and keeps the clubhead under control while swinging.

Flex Options

The flex options available for each shaft type varies. The Ping Tour 65 golf shaft has more flex options; however, both are limited compared to the Ping Alta CB.

The Tour 65 golf shaft has three flex options, while the Tour 75 has two. Both have the Stiff and X-stiff option, while the Tour 65 has a Regular extra flex.


The Ping Tour 65 has low overall launch characteristics and is great for golfers seeking more roll on their drives while aiming for extra distance.

Its incredible overall performance can result in longer drives and lower scoring.

The Tour 75 is also a high-performing shaft. It provides a lower launch, low spin, and a more stable feel. It also keeps the clubhead under control during the swing.

Ping Tour 65 vs 75: Pros And Cons

Ping Tour 65 vs 75

Pros of Ping Tour 65 shaft

  • Higher launch
  • Excellent feel
  • Better clubhead speed
  • Easier to shape the golf ball
  • Higher spin


  • Lack of distance
  • Shafts can feel very whippy
  • The club head is hard to control
  • Launch and spin are hard to control

Pros of Tour 75 Shaft

  • Better control
    Less launch
    Less launch
    Eradicate the left shot

Cons of Tour 75 Shaft

  • Less clubhead speed
    Loss of distance
    Insufficient launch and spin

Ping Tour 65 Vs 75: Which Is Better?

Ping Tour 65 vs 75

Understanding the importance of shaft weight to choose the best is crucial. The best way to pick the best shaft weight for your golf clubs is to be custom-fitted.

Both Tour shafts are excellent options for golfers depending on preference.

The better one will depend on what you want. The lighter one will sometimes be better; you should use something other than the heavier one because you’re strong.

The most significant factor is your current driver setup. The present driver setup will help you determine if you should pick something heavier or lighter.

Furthermore, your swing speed can assist you in choosing the best one. The higher your swing speed, the stiffer and heavier the golf shaft you need.

Also, you need to consider and answer certain questions to choose the best option for yourself. It would be best to consider your handicap, age, and how far you hit the driver.

Your handicap and age will help determine the flex and weight you should pick. It becomes easier when you answer these questions as these will help you narrow down the options.

Both shafts have distinct characteristics, and you must choose the one that aligns with your taste.

For instance, if you want more clubhead speed, launch, and spin, the Ping Tour 65 will be your ideal choice.

However, if you want increased control over shots, the Ping Tour 75 is the one for you.

Final Words and a Recommendation

We recommend trying a launch monitor before selecting your choice. A launch monitor is a reliable tool for finding the right shaft for your game.

It gives important information about your skill level and ability to hit the ball well with specific shafts and clubs.

It’s the right step to choosing the best shaft, and golfers who are serious about improving their games opt for it.

Fortunately, they come at an affordable price and will be worth your investment. Ultimately, you should get fit for the shaft that lets you play your best golf.

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