Project X vs. Dynamic Gold: Which Is Better?

True Temper is one of the best shaft manufacturers in the golf industry.

The brand has a broad collection of shafts, and it can be pretty challenging to choose the best among them.

Project X and Dynamic Gold are both True Temper collections popular among professional golfers.

Many pro golfers have switched back and forth between these shafts. They share many similarities as they offer exceptional features to help golfers attain their ultimate shot.

This article will review both collections in generality and decide which is the best.

Project X vs. Dynamic Gold: Overview

Project X Vs. Dynamic Gold

Both Project X and Dynamic Gold are stand-out collections manufactured by Temper.

They have proven their qualities in helping golfers improve their games. Both consist of high-quality shafts that are popular among golfers of all levels because of their excellent features.

They share many similarities in their performance and even their pricing points.

Both are also USGA certified.

The significant difference between these collections is that Project X shafts are steel and graphite, while Dynamic Gold covers steel products.

The present best shaft of the Project X collection is the Project X HZRDUS smoke shaft which features a low-spin design making it perfect for golfers seeking improved distance.

Dynamic Gold X100 shaft is among the best shafts in the market. It can handle the fastest-swinging players in the game, and it’s popular among golfers on the PGA Tour.

To establish a better collection between the two shafts collections, we’ll be comparing them using some factors as discussed below:


Concerning performance, both brands offer shafts that produce outstanding performance.

The better one will depend solely on the particular shafts being compared. Generally, the performance differences are minimal.

Both brand shafts are designed for stronger swingers or better players looking for shot control and a less penetrating ball flight from the irons.

Comparing their best shafts, Project X usually launches higher than Dynamic Gold because of the slightly softer tip section they have.

Also, the primer midsection it has produces a stiffer feel when compared to Dynamic Gold.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Project X shafts are manufactured in graphite and steel/iron. It also advertises its metal shafts as iron and steel.

Dynamic Gold is strictly designed in steel and is simply marketed as such.

Regarding materials, it means Dynamic Gold shafts are heavier than Project X shafts.

In honesty, this might not do enough justice in differentiating the superior brand.

It only indicates that Project X has more varieties of options to choose from, as you can opt for lighter graphite shafts.

Dynamic Gold also has heavy steel and nothing else.

Product Varieties

It’s vital to discuss which offers customers more products between these brands under the same company.

Both lines boast an impressive number of products, but Dynamic Gold has the highest.

It has ten shaft lines, and all are manufactured with steel. On the other hand, the Project X line has nine products: four graphite shafts and five iron and steel shafts.

Of course, all Dynamic Gold shafts are marketed under a single page, while Project X has two pages to differentiate between the steel/iron and graphite shafts.

Price Range

The price range is another crucial factor before choosing the best brand. Generally, Dynamic Gold shafts are less expensive compared to the Project X line.

Even though Project X offers fewer shafts, the line is pricier, and there’s a significant price disparity between the products.

Dynamic Gold has more shaft options, but it is cheaper with a narrow price range.

It has a lesser starting price point as well as a lower maximum price for its product.

However, both brands provide numerous bundle options for their customers. You can get some shafts, in some cases 5 or 6, at a discounted price.

USGA Legality

The United States Golf Association(USGA) is the governing body of golf for the United States and Mexico.

In conjunction with R&A, the body produces rules of golf. They have specific requirements or regulations that all gold brands must meet to be entirely legal.

The laws are lenient and only provided so these brands can produce safe and comfortable golf clubs for customers.

According to these rules, both Project X and Dynamic Hold are fully legal.

Project X vs. Dynamic Gold: Which is Better?

Project X vs. Dynamic Gold

From the reviews and comparisons discussed so far, it’s apparent that there’s not much difference between the two brands.

Both are top brands that produce exceptional golf clubs for customers to improve their game.

However, both have distinctive features that might decide which is best for you, depending on your preferences.

Project X has fewer shaft ranges but more varieties because of the materials. It also has slightly better performance depending on the shafts.

Dynamic Gold, however, has more shafts at a lesser price.

You can choose the better one for yourself depending on these distinguishing factors. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be making a great choice.

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