Project X vs KBS Tour: Comparison

Project X is one of the best in the market, True Sports wished so and the players made it come true.

According to a publication by Golfweek USA Today, a large percentage of golfers make use of the True Temper Steel Shafts in their irons on the PGA Tour.

These models are used by Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka and others too, according to Golfweek.

True Temper Sports has an admirable foot in the world of golf today.

For over 70 seventy years, this brand has been in the business of shaft making and has done nothing but soar, the name itself speaks standards.

Being the most trusted brand in golf shafts globally, True Temper strives to keep that trophy in check.

The brand has a warehouse of shaft types to choose from, such as the flagship Dynamic Gold, Project X, AMT, Elevate, Aerotech (for graphite lovers), and Accra shafts made with love for the custom fitters.

Each of these shafts has various types of tweaks from the original model to cater to players with slightly different preferences.

This article discusses the Project X shaft and one of its counterparts, the KBS Tour Shaft.

Project X vs KBS Tour: Comparison

What to Know About Project X

Project X vs KBS Tour

The project X shafts were designed to provide a stiffer feel and heavy load.

The shaft is ideal for players who don’t like to feel the shaft moving during the swing, as it has minimal deflection. It has a mid-launch low-launch profile with a low spin and fast tempo.

Project X is preferred by strong players who swing strong looking for a stable, penetrating ball.

Project X comes in 5 different flexes: 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0. It also ranks as the second most used shaft after Dynamic Gold.

Compared to the Project X shaft, KBS Tour is soft in the tip but has a thick middle section.

This makes it a lot more different than Project X, which has a stiffer tip and a softer midsection in comparison.

What to Know About KBS Tour

Project X vs KBS Tour

While KBS Tour has a low club head speed, that of Project X is a little bit higher, which also makes a good difference between the two.

KBS Tour might be able to give you a higher launch trajectory as well as a lower spin rate.

The KBS Tour shafts were designed to complement the stoutness of Project X, the shaft has a stiff tip, soft mid-section, and a stiff butt.

It fits better with players who like the Project X profile but find it too stout.

The mid-section allows the shaft to deflect during swing giving it a little bent profile.

The shaft has a mid-launch profile with a medium spin and moderate tempo. KBS Tour is available in four different flex options too.

Project X vs KBS Tour: Which is Better?

Changing golf shafts can make little changes to the stick feel, these little modifications can have an immense effect on golf swings.

The Project X shaft is known and loved for its profile build, but some people really like their shafts being a bit flexible and not too

Project X LZ became the heeding call to their complaint offering them a shaft that is less stiff and compromising a percentage of the original Project X build.

Project X will be seen flying lower than LZ with less spin and thereby causing lesser dispersion, but this might feel hard to achieve in the hands of a player without much strength and a slow tempo.

The loading zone technology in the LZ was built to compensate for that.

Both products sell for 300+ a set, with little price difference.

Project X is a great product for players seeking pin-point accuracy and if the main and the LZ variant don’t feel just that perfect, Project X has a lot to offer.

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