Project X vs. Project X LZ: Which is Better?

Many factors affect your golf skills. One of the important ones is the iron shafts you use.

When you want to improve your golf skill, you must invest in a good one.

Project X and X LZ iron shafts use the latest technology to help golfers improve their skills.

Project X is one of the most popular iron shafts on Tour and also in high swing speed.

The introduction of Loading Zone Technology, or LZ, provides improved precision.

Both iron shafts have similarities, and differences players should know about. They have differences in performance, design, length, forgiveness, and degree of loft.

This article will help you determine the better iron shafts between the two and choose which will work best for you. Ride with us as we compare and contrast these two products.

Overview of the Iron Shafts

Project X Vs. Project LZ

Project X is a popular iron shaft and wedge. They are renowned for their consistency and innovation.

They provide Tour-inspired iron shaft designs that many players trust.

Project X maintains a stout profile for the entire shaft, so it can be the number one choice for stronger swingers who want a flat penetrating flight and unrivaled stability.

It is available in chrome and blackout finish.

Project X LZ features the proprietary Loading Zone Technology.

The technology provides maximum shaft load during the downswing and ensures a smooth and stable feel.

This is achieved through the variable wall Technology present in the butt of the shaft and tip sections and the reduced stiffness in the midsection.

What does this mean?

Golfers can feel as well as see the technology. Project X LZ is also available in chrome and blackout finish.

Project X Vs. Project LZ: Target Audiences

Project X, It’s a go-to option for players who desire to improve their game control and stability with their iron shaft.

When swinging aggressively or very fast, players with these iron shafts can get the most out of their whole set.

On the other hand, Project X LZ is built for a wider audience of golfers.

The iron shaft provides the highest performance and feels in the Project X collection.

It gives a sense that it contains a mix of the best attributes in Project X and Pxi.

It is designed for players who seek to achieve a higher ball flight and responsive feel from the iron shaft.

It has a stable shaft with exceptional forgiveness and feels at all swing speeds.

Project X Vs. Project LZ: Pros And Cons

Project X Vs. Project LZ

Pros of Project X

  • It gives players more control because of its stepless design
  • High kick-point gives the improved player control
  • Lower spin and shot trajectory
  • Have better predictability
  • Improves shot distance and control
  • A broad range of weights and flexes


  • The complicated flex numbering system
  • Shafts may feel harsh at lower swing speeds

Pros of Project X LZ

  • For optimal stability, the tips and butts are strengthened.
  • The LZ technology improves energy transfer by 7% for more advanced shots
  • It’s user-friendly with minimal profile requirement
  • Smooth handling for premium technology


  • Relatively pricier
  • The golf ball may propel too high if the user has a fast swing speed.

Now, let’s compare the two iron shafts based on certain factors

Design and Technology

Regarding design and technology, Project X has recorded massive success in developing iron shafts and wedges for the best players and swingers.

However, the standard X iron and wedge shaft doesn’t really fit the skill set of amateur golfers. Project X LZ does a better job.

It maintains every playing benefit the standard shaft gives and includes a much-enhanced feel, particularly at slower swing speeds.

Project X LZ of True Temper blends proprietary technology to improve ball speed and shaft load.


Both iron shafts offer similar options in terms of flex. The flex options are extensive.

The only significant difference is that Project X includes an extra stiff plus as an added stiffer option. The extra stiff plus options are ideal for players with very high swing speeds.

Weight and Length

The weight options are also similar for both iron shafts. The options include 110g, 115g, 120g, and 125g. However, Project X also has an additional option, the 130g option.

So for project X, you can get a heavier shaft. The length options are also similar, and they span from 37 to 40 inches long.


The launch is one of the significant differences between both shafts and can be the deciding factor.

Project X provides a low launch which controls the ball lower in the air and improves the distance.

On the other hand, Project X LZ offers a mid-launch which gives an improved height but decreases the distance.

Degree of Loft

Project X LZ has a higher degree of loft between the two shafts. Depending on the iron, you can find the loft degrees on the website to juxtapose.


Project X irons give a low spin and low launch, which makes it ideal for players seeking to improve their shots and control their ball distribution.

Project X LZ is a mid-launch iron shaft that, despite the design platform, performs well. It gives a smooth feel that boosts playability and performance.

It includes a hit to the downswing, which maintains the ball’s trajectory without affecting the distance.

Project X Vs. Project X LZ: Which Is Better?

From the comparison, we can deduce that Project X LZ is a bit stiffer than the Project X of similar rank.

It provides players with an upgrade to the existing Project X design, ensuring improved responsiveness and feel. If you prefer a lighter but stiffer iron shaft, you might want to go for Project X LZ.

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