PXG GEN 3 vs. GEN 4: Which Is Better?

Over the years, PXG’s club collection has grown massively.

Customers now enjoy the luxury of the more comprehensive selections the brand offers.

The brand presents a notable piece of high-performance golf irons that fit different golfers’ swings.

There is a wide range of styles and clubheads regarding aesthetics, technology, and price points.

The brand Generally avails these collections to different club heads and generations.

With the vast array of PXG iron generations, it could be challenging to choose the best.

In this guide, we’ll compare the PXG GEN 3 and GEN 4, revealing their similarities and differences to help you make an informed decision.

PXG GEN 3 vs. GEN 4: Overview

PXG GEN 3 vs. GEN 4

The PXG 0311 GEN 3 irons are impressively strong irons that feature the Impact Reactor Technology offering a soft but solid feel.

This PXG iron generation was released in 2011. It was designed to provide an exceptional combination of accuracy, forgiveness, and distance.

They feature the thinnest club face in the world and the Patented Impact Reactor Technology.

Compared to the GEN2 irons, they provide faster ball speeds, increased carry distance, and a lower spin rate.

They are forged five times before being milled to improve the golfer’s game massively.

On the other hand, the PXG GEN4 iron was released in 2021.

Rather than the Impact Reactor Technology, these irons feature the proprietary XCOR technology, a result of multi-year research and development.

This technology was designed specifically for this iron generation.

It features a soft material with a high C.O.R. supporting improved face movement and a large sweet spot.

Generally, the GEN4 irons provide a solid combination of incredible feel, sound, forgiveness, and explosive distance.

Hence, the brand tagged it as the best iron it’s ever made, or anybody for that matter.

PXG GEN 3 vs. GEN 4: Similarities

PXG GEN 3 vs. GEN 4

Both generations of PXG irons are perfect and share some similarities. They have the same lineup model, including the T, P, and XP irons.

The three head designs are Tour, Players, and Xtreme Performance, each generation putting personalized performance to the utmost extreme to allow all levels of golfers to improve their games.

They also share similar lofts range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, W, G. The specs are equal, and the looks across sets are identical.

PXG GEN 3 vs. GEN 4: Differences

Generally, the PXG GEN 4 irons are designed to serve as an upgrade to their GEN 3 counterpart, and the brand tagged it as their best-ever irons.

They offer improved features that are better than the GEN 3. We compare both generations of irons using the following factors:

Materials and Constructions

The PXG GEN3 and GEN 4 irons are forged from powerful 8620 soft carb steel.

This material is known to give clubheads extreme longevity and improve their overall appearance.

Both generations have complex body geometrics that requires separate forgings.

They used five distinct sets of tooling for each part of the body.

They also feature Robotic Laser Welding that helps extend the functional face area and improve forgiveness in mishits.


The loft structures don’t vary much. Both the 0311T and the 0311 XP of these generations are identical.

However, the lofts of the 0311 P GEN4 are one degree stronger than those of the GEN3 generations.


The PXG 0311 GEN 4 ball speeds are faster than the GEN 3. The 0311 P has about a four mph ball speed increment compared to GEN 3.

It launches half a degree lower yet at a higher peak height.

Also, both 0311 XP and 0311 T GEN 4 models are faster, longer, and higher than the GEN3 counterparts despite having the same loft structures.


The GEN 4 irons have fewer weight ports compared to GEN 3. While GEN 3 has nine, GEN 4 has only five, but one is big.


Concerning prices, there is a distinctive difference between the two iron generations. All models of the PXG generations are pricier than their GEN 3 counterparts.

PXG GEN 3 vs. GEN 4: Which is Better?

Both generations of PXG irons are excellent. They have pretty similar designs and specifications.

However, they also feature attributes that differentiate them.

Generally, the GEN 4 generation is an upgrade to the GEN 3. The irons feel much better. They have faster ball speed, higher spin, and improved distance.

Hence, choosing the GEN 4 generation might be the better deal. However, if the price point is an essential criterion in your choice, you should go for the GEN 3 generation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there other options?

Yes, there are other generations aside from 3 and 4. The first generation was launched in 2015. And since then, PXG has introduced others including generations 2 and 5.

It seems the company is planning to release Gen 6 but that’s yet to be confirmed.

What generation of PXG irons is the best?

The PXG GEN 4 generations are the best.

The brand claims that the PXG 0312 P GEN 4 irons are the best irons it has ever made.

They are designed to cater to all levels of golfers who seek the holy grail of golf clubs. They offer an excellent combination of forgiveness, workability, and distance.

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