PXG Gen4 Driver Vs. SIM 2: Which Is Better?

Before you pick the best driver for yourself, there are many factors you’ll consider so you can make an informed decision.

Distance, even though it’s not the only one, is a crucial factor for a good driver.

It’s an essential performance factor that might determine if your driver is worth it or not.

In this guide, we’ll compare and contrast some of the best long drivers that provide fascinating distance: PXG Gen 4 0811 and Taylormade SIM 2.

The aim is to demystify these drivers, establishing the critical qualities for each, so you can familiarize yourself with the qualities and hence choose the best for yourself based on your preferences.

Let’s get started.

PXG Gen4 Driver Vs. SIM 2: Overview

PXG Gen4 Driver Vs. SIM 2

The PXG 0811 is a Gen4 generation driver of PXG.

It’s one of the most forgiving drivers of PXG, and it features sixteen adjustable weights.

It also has a titanium face.

Interestingly, the sole weight of this driver can be modified to a satisfactory degree, giving it a unique attribute most drivers lack.

Also, when you adjust the sole weight of this driver, there’s no significant impact on the distance.

It’s only a choice between swing speed and comfortability.

Beyond distance, the Taylormade SIM 2 driver emphasizes forgiveness for high-handicappers.

It’s a great driver developed with immense accuracy, consistency, distance, and aerodynamics. It has different models, all ideal for every level of golfer.

The driver is most suitable for beginners and high-handicappers, with all the essential features focusing on launching the ball higher.

It features a rear 16-gram steel weight, which assists in distributing force from the swing to every area of the head.


The PXG 0811 driver has a unique face and shape.

It has a tall appearance which makes it ideal for spin ratio. PXG uses a robotic face polishing procedure to include a slight curvature to the driver’s face.

The effect of this is improved spin correction and forgiveness.

The SIM 2 driver features a twist face technology which bestows the face with a slight curvature, assisting in connecting errant shots.

At first glance, this driver is quite attractive with a colorful design.

The driver is also large yet light, with the sweet spot so big you’re confident of hitting a straight shot.

This driver is one the longest in the industry presently, with its ultra-thin steel face designed for maximum distance.


The PXG 0811 driver plays very long.

It reduces the golfer’s spin off the tee and generates high-arching shots. It has an impressive carry distance.

Surprisingly, it offers exciting forgiveness with all the distance provided.

The SIM 2 driver delivers breakneck swing speeds thanks to its forged ring materials and carbon fiber sole. It drives the ball easier and straighter.

It offers an inertia generator for improved MOI and spilled mass weighting. It’s a forgiving and accurate driver.

Who Are The Drivers For?

The PXG 0811 driver is an ideal choice for golfers seeking a combination of feel and distance.

The driver has a minimal spin which can’t go unnoticed.

It provides high-arching shots, which carry remarkably, courtesy of its deep face and low back weighting.

For a long driver, it also has a sloped crown which can help users with downward attacks on their drives.

Generally, the driver is an excellent one.

On the other hand, the Taylormade SIM 2 drivers are suitable for any level of golfer depending on the model or version chosen.

These clubs have different attributes that can help various levels of golfers.

They have the latest technology to improve forgiveness, distance, and accuracy.

PXG 0811 Vs. Tailor-made SIM 2 Driver: Key points

PXG 0811

  • Hybrid crown design
  • Sloped crown
  • Numerous adjustable hosel
  • Titanium alloy face
  • Faces have a slight curvature, enhancing forgiveness

Taylormade SIM 2 Driver

  • Different versions to cater to different levels of golfers
  • Low spin and high forgiveness
  • One of the longest drivers presently
  • Numerous adjustability or customization
  • Milled face for improved ball speed
  • Twist face with speed injected

PXG 0811 Vs. Taylormade SIM 2: Which Is Better?

PXG 0811 Vs. Taylormade SIM 2

Both PXG and Taylormade designed drivers that deliver excellent performances for different levels of golfers.

Their drivers are durable and offer excellent value for money.

Generally, the PXG drivers are longer and more forgiving than the Taylormade drivers, but the case is not the same for Taylormade SIM 2.

However, the PXG brand is also one of the leading golf manufacturers in the industry, so its products are continually superior.

The best driver among these brands is relative and thus dependent on individual wants.

The PXG 0811 drivers will be an excellent choice for players who like a lot of options depending on the hole being played.

They are great for golfers who want to work their drives.

However, for golfers seeking more forgiveness, the Taylormade SIM 2 will be the better option.

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