S200 vs S300 Shafts: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever come across a golfer taking out golf sticks from the golf bag and then swinging the stick a few times?

The golfer then feels the stick and either takes a golf ball and shoots or puts it back into the bag, takes out another stick, and tries the same procedure.

If yes, have you ever wondered why the golfer does that?

It turns out there are a couple of reasons why they do this.

From a routine hand-swing exercise to checking out the golf stick itself.

A golf stick is made up of three components: the head, the shaft, and the handle.

The shaft is the long iron/steel/graphite stick that connects the handle to the head, the head hits the ball, and the handle is the handle.

There are numerous models of golf sticks and most of them have their differences in the shaft.

Let’s take a comparison of two sticks and see how they differ: Dynamic Gold s200 and s300.

S200 vs S300 Shafts: What’s the Difference?

The S200 is lighter than the S300 by not less than 1.80 grams. The difference in weight is rarely noticeable by players, though some pros do notice.

The S300 is regarded as the standard weight and anything lower than that is light (i.e., the S200).

The S300 does not have many flex options as the S200 which has three: regular, stiff, and extra stiff, but it does have different weights to choose from.

They are both of the same lengths.

The S200 provides more of a lower trajectory shot with a longer distance while the S300 offers a higher trajectory with a shorter distance.

Now how does this little difference matter?

A golf stick does not determine a player’s shooting conditions, but a shaft can easily influence strike locations due to its deflection.

What this means is that, unlike the S300 which has one flex option being stiff, the s200 has the slight advantage of multiple flex options which makes the shaft deflect/bend to some extent when the stick is swung.

This feature can be quite advantageous to some players and a hindrance to others, as it might mess with their projectile calculations.

Pricing Comparison

The S200 is slightly cheaper than the S300 as the price tends to take a different curve when it comes to golf sticks.

A stick’s price is determined not by the high-grade materials used, but by the type of player fitting.

The S200 which is lighter will be more comfortable for a player with less strength and a slow tempo.

The S300 fits better in the hands of stronger players with a quicker tempo.

A stronger player might lose the feeling of a lighter club throughout the swing, and the same applies to a less strong player using a heavier shaft.

Final Thoughts: S200 or S300?

At the end of all this, a club is just as good as its wielder.

A little gram might be unnoticeable on the hand but have a mass effect with the force of a swing.

As stated, a shaft can easily influence the strike location but doesn’t really change the player’s shooting condition.

If you’re not sure which fits your profile, there are professionals who can help you figure it out -or you could keep trying them out till you get comfortable with one.

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