Scotty Cameron 009 vs Newport: Which is Better?

Are you an avid golfer looking to upgrade your putter?

Do you want a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that will help you improve your game?

If so, then this comparison article is written just for you. We’ll look at the two most popular putters from Scotty Cameron: the 009 and the Newport.

We’ll compare their features, performance, and price so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Scotty Cameron 009 Putter Review

Scotty Cameron 009 Putter

The Scotty Cameron 009 putter is a classic choice for golfers seeking an ultra-precise, tour-level feel.

This putter features a sleek black oxide finish, handcrafted and hand-stamped details, and a 350g head weight to give players the perfect balance of control and speed.

The traditional Anser-style head shape, along with the iconic Scotty Dog logo, jester stamp, and Circle T engraving make this putter stand out from the crowd.

Limited to just 1,500 pieces worldwide, this putter is sure to become a collector’s item.

Whether you’re looking for added accuracy or simply want to improve your putting stroke, the Scotty Cameron 009 will help you reach your goals on the green.

Scotty Cameron Newport Putter Review

Scotty Cameron Newport Putter

The Scotty Cameron Newport putter is a classic golf club designed to help players make more accurate putting strokes.

Its design features consist of a milled 303 stainless steel body, a precision milled face, and an oversized flange for higher MOI (moment of inertia).

The Newport also has a sole weighting system that shifts the center of gravity lower for a more consistent roll and greater distance control.

The Newport also offers an adjustable lie angle as well as an adjustable toe hang to provide golfers with the maximum amount of customization.

With its timeless design and superior performance, the Scotty Cameron Newport putter is perfect for all levels of golfers who seek to improve their putting game.

Scotty 009 vs Newport: Comparison

Feel and Performance

When comparing the feel and performance, there are a few key differences to consider.

The 009 also has rounded edges and no inserts, while the Newport often has an Anser-style or bumpers to provide more control over strikes.

In terms of feel, some golfers prefer the softer sensation provided by the 009, while others prefer the firmer response from their Newport putter.


The Scotty Cameron 009 putter has a loft of 4 degrees, while the Newport putter is slightly lower with 3.5 degrees of loft.

The shape of the 009 is similar to the Newport but has some refinements, including a flatter topline and more rounded corners.

This difference in this loft can greatly impact how your ball rolls on the green. It’s therefore important to consider this when choosing.

Since 009 has a slightly higher loft than Newport, which provides more accuracy, you may want to consider 009 putter.

Lie Angle

Lie angles are an important factor when it comes to choosing the right putter.

The lie angle of a putter is the angle between the sole and shaft, and it affects how your hands align with the ground during setup.

Generally speaking, a higher lie angle (closer to horizontal) will make it easier for you to keep your hands in the proper position throughout your swing.

While a lower lie angle (closer to vertical) may be more difficult to manage.

Both Scotty Cameron 009 and Newport putters have 70-degree lie angles which generally provide good ball control but may be too upright for some players.

So, both are the same here.


The 009 weighing 350g comes with a longer blade length and heavier tungsten weights, pushing more of its weight to the heel and toe for better balance when striking.

The Newport 2 putter initially weighed 326 grams, which would have been considered typical for a putter at the time.

However, it can now be found with adjustable weights that can be changed according to personal preference.

Both putters offer excellent weight distribution for an easy-to-use design. So, it is ultimately up to you to decide which one suits your game better.

Alignment Aid

Comparing the alignment aids between Scotty Cameron’s 009 and Newport putters is important if want to perfect your putting game.

Tour models for both putters usually differ from their off-the-rack (OTR) counterparts by featuring a non-standard weight, finish, and alignment aid.

The Newport putter typically comes without any type of alignment aid, although Scotty Cameron does offer customized options so that golfers can add or modify an existing one.

Length Options

The Scotty Cameron 009 and Newport putters both offer a range of length options, but there are some differences to consider.

The Newport 2 putter has a lot of lengths to choose from (33″, 34″, and 35″). This makes Newport more versatile and a better option for most golfers, so to speak. 

At least, this allows you to choose between styles that best suit their playing style and preferences when it comes to putting accuracy and distance control.

On the other hand, you only have 34″ to choose from if you’re looking to purchase the 009.

Overall, if you’re looking for precision accuracy then perhaps look towards testing one of the “009” series which is renowned for its rarity and soft carbon steel construction for optimal feel around greens.

But if you want more flexibility and a more customizable length option, then Newport is for you.

Scotty Cameron 009 vs Newport: Which is Better?

The Scotty Cameron 009 and Newport putters are two of the most iconic and popular golf clubs on the market today.

The Scotty Cameron 009 and Newport putters are both designed with a classic head shape, but there are several differences between the two.

The main difference between these two putters is in their loft. The 009 has a slightly higher loft of 4 degrees compared to 3.5 degrees on the Newport.

The 009 is a Tour-level putter crafted with precision for professional players, while the Newport is more of an all-around option for amateurs and professionals alike.

The 009 also features a more rounded head shape than its counterpart, as well as a black oxide finish at 350g weight.

Additionally, the 009 has Scotty Cameron’s own version of the Anser style bumper, while the Newport features a flange line and crowned look.

The 009 putter is not as deep/wide from front to back as the retail Newport and has rounded edges and Scotty’s version of the Anser.

Finally, both clubs offer exceptional craftsmanship, design, and performance that make them stand out from other models in their class.

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