Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs. 2.5: Which is Better?

Titleist is a reputable brand that produces high-end golf equipment.

The Titleist line of the Scotty Cameron putter offers performance and quality.

They are pretty famous among PGA tour players, and these tools have been used in different competitive golf tournaments.

The Scotty Cameron Newport putter line is an excellent choice for golfers.

The brand tagged the putters as the most popular putter head shape globally. They offer a great feel and exceptional performance.

The Newport line comes in different variants. The challenging decision is often between choosing the Newport 2 or 2.5.

In this guide, we’ll do an explicit comparison of these classic Newport putters revealing their similarities and differences.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs. 2.5: Overview

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs. 2.5

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter is an Anser-2 style, having hollowed-out cavities behind square lines and flatter and thinner top lines.

It has a different feel based on the ball.

Ideally, it’s an excellent tool for golfers who do not hit off the heel or toe but instead the sweet spot.

The Newport 2.5 also has quite a similar profile as the Newport 2.

However, it has a more prominent sweet spot, slant neck, and increased forgiveness.

A significant change with these putters is the presence of traditional milled steel head construction rather than the stainless steel inlay, which provides less feedback but a softer feel.

Generally, the Newport 2 putters are ideal for an arc stroke, while the Newport 2.5 putters are great for SBST stroke.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs. 2.5: Similarities

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs. 2.5

These Newport putters share some similarities as they have similar specifications.

The Newport 2.5 is premised around the 2. Smooth used the Newport 2 designs, added some twerk, and released it as the Newport 2.5.

Hence, they have the same length, lie, grip, weight, and loft.

Their performances are also similar.

Also, they are both considered legal based on the USGA rules so that they can be used in professional, high-level amateur, and casual golf games.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs. 2.5: Differences

As discussed above, these two putters share similarities with only a few differentiating factors. The main difference between them is the neck style of the club head. Other differences include the MOI and the offset.

Let’s explore these differences and how they can influence your choice.

Neck Style

The significant differentiating factor between the two others is the neck style of the club bead.

The Newport 2.5 has a newer flow neck design, while the Newport 2 has an older plumber’s neck design.

The style and position of their neck affect the toe hang and shaft offset of these putters, which we’ll discuss as follows:


The MOI of a golf club measures how likely it is to twist upon impact.

A club with a higher MOI is less likely to twist, whereas the one with a lower MOI is more likely to do so.

Concerning these clubs, the Newport 2.5 has a high MOI, while the Newport 2 features a medium-high MOI.

Hence, the Newport 2.5 is more forgiving, and it’s suitable for golfers that find it challenging to hit the ball in the club face center.


The offset is another difference between the two shafts. While the Newport 2 has a full shaft offset, the Newport 2.5 has a ¾ shaft.

This characteristic means that, for Newport 2, the shaft is one full shaft diameter ahead of the clubhead, while there’s ¾ shaft diameter ahead of the club head in the case of Newport 2.5.

Although the difference might seem insignificant, it could affect the golf game.

If you’re a rightie, more offset will increase your chances of hitting the ball left. If you’re a leftie, you have a higher chance of hitting the ball left.

Generally, less offset signifies more chances of hitting the center.

You’ll need to choose a club that will even out your shot direction, depending on your swing skill.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 vs. 2.5: Who Are They For?

As discussed above, the Newport 2 has a plumber’s neck.

It also features a full shaft offset which makes the shaft attach slightly ahead of the club head, offering golfers an excellent view of the golf ball when lining up the shot.

Generally, this putter is more face-balanced, meaning less toe flow. As such, it’s better for golfers who have a small arc stroke.

In the case of Newport 2.5, it uses a flow neck and features a ¾ shaft offset.

The shaft attaches slightly forward than Newport 2 because of the smaller offset of the neck.

It has less face balance, meaning higher toe flow. As such, it’s most suited for golfers with a large arc stroke.

Wrapping Up

Both Scotty Cameron putters are excellent choices for players seeking to improve their games.

They have many similarities, and their differences are enough to affect choices. The better one is relative and is a matter of preference in swing type and play style.

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