Scotty Cameron Putter Alternatives

Scotty Cameron is a sports brand manufacturer owned by the Acushnet Brand.

It is a golf club manufacturer popularly known for making putters.

Scotty makes some of the best putters in the world and is ranked among the top hierarchy of club manufacturers.

Professional players and worldwide tournament champions, such as Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Bernhard Langer, Rory Mcilroy, and many others, seem to all have a Scotty Cameron in their bag and it doesn’t just sit there idle.

Wikipedia reports that since 1993, more than 500 tournaments and 1/3 of the four majors have been won by a player using a Scotty Cameron putter.

There are different types of clubheads: putters, drivers, hybrids, wedges, etc.

Putters are the clubs you go for when you want short, low-speed strokes with the intent of rolling the ball into the hole from a short distance known as putting green.

Putters differ from other clubs as its clubhead has a flat, low-profile, low-striking face.

Scotty Cameron Alternatives: Choose the Right ONE!

Scotty Cameron

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how perfectly a product is crafted, it just doesn’t feel right with you.

And then maybe it is just too expensive or you find the purchase to be extravagant.

So now, you need to find cheaper alternatives that can still perform as well as these pricy ones.

Here are a few putter brands you might consider If Scotty Cameron isn’t the one for you.

  • Odyssey
  • Wilson
  • Pinemeadow Golf
  • Taylormade
  • Bettinardi
  • Cleveland Golf
  • Face balanced recommendations – Odyssey stroke lab 2-ball fang, Wilson Infinite Buckingham, Pinemeadow PGX.
  • Toe balanced recommendations – Odyssey stroke lab Tuttle flow, Taylormade Spider FGC L-Neck.

How to Choose the Right One

For a player with a fairly straight putting stroke with less arc, face-balanced putters are the better fit.

This type of putter will roll straighter if you take the putter straight back and through.

For a player who opens and closes the putter face during the swing, you’ll find a toe-balanced putter more efficient.

Toe-balanced putters are ideal for players whose swing has more arc as it helps square the putter face at impact.

Why is Scotty Cameron Expensive?

Why is Scotty Cameron Expensive?

Surely, Scotty Cameron putters are expensive, but they are not the most expensive or the only premium ones in the market.

Nevertheless, Scotty Cameron putters are expensive because they can be.

The clubs are manufactured using very fine materials: 303 Stainless Steel with the best design.

The putters are made from premium materials and with a very comfortable feel like no other in the market which will surely last you a long time.

And since you have world-famous golfers using this brand, other players will surely want to get a grip on the clubs.

This increases the demand and customer reach of the brand and it is only natural to increase the price to keep orders in check.

People yearn for expensive, premium, products as part of their lifestyle, Scotty Cameron is expensive and premium.

The putters are sold for $350 or more, depending on the retailer and location.

Scotty’s putter also allows great customization from colors, grip, headcovers, and stamps, to even getting your initials inscribed on the club.

Not every club manufacturer provides the liberty to such customizations, Scotty Cameron allows you to customize almost every part of your club.

But is that all there is to Scotty Cameron putters? How about its performance on the field?

Difference Between Scotty Cameron & Standard Putter

The only difference between a Scotty Cameron and a standard putter is the material type/quality and customization.

Although controversial, the material itself can be a stepping stone to a better game.

With a better grip comes comfort and stability; when a player is comfortable with his club, he performs better.

But a club is just as good as its owner.

Whether a Scotty Cameron, Taylormade, or Odyssey, a golf club can only perform as well as the player.

Still, a player seeking near-perfection will appreciate a club that can use the littlest details and Scotty Cameron seems to be capable of that.

Your stroke, alignment, and development of feeling are all that make a putter worthy.

Final Words on Scotty Cameron Alternatives

As always, recommendations are great, but the best recommendation will be getting fitted.

You’ll never know which club will be that perfect companion unless you get a fitting.

Your golf fitter will be able to make deductions based on your play style and player profile and make recommendations that suit your game with a range of options to choose from.

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