Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333: How do they Compare?

When it comes to golf balls, there have been many legendary brands.

These old brands have worked endlessly to produce some of the finest golf balls that the world has ever seen.

However, of all the old brands, few have ever competed with Srixon. Srixon is a golf ball brand that offers different golf equipment and putters.

Some of the most popular golf balls that Srixon has ever produced are the Soft Feel and the AD333.

The world has always been confused about which golf ball between these two is truly the best.

Well, you don’t have to wait much longer. Why? Because below is the best comparison between Soft Feel and AD333 that you will ever find.

Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333: How Do They Compare?

Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333

The Soft Feel is among the newest golf balls that have been created by Srixon.

From its name alone, you will be able to judge just what makes this golf ball one of the best.

This golf ball has a very soft and lush exterior. With this, golfers will be able to make use of this ball with ease.

By making golfers comfortable, this golf ball has gradually risen to the top.

On the other hand, AD333 is one of the oldest Srixon golf balls on the market.

However, this should not fool you in terms of its popularity.

This golf ball has been constantly improved since its creation. It now contains cutting-edge compression technology, a favorite of golfers.


Firstly, the Soft Feel golf ball is designed uniquely. It has a simple 338 dimple pattern, which helps to make it efficient.

Aside from that, it has a new core technology that when coupled with its outer layer, which accounts for the soft feel.

The AD333 also has the same simple 338 dimple pattern as the Soft Feel. However, this is where the similarities end.

When it comes to the design of this golf ball, the brand focuses more on compression. It has sacrificed its softness by providing greater control for golfers.

So when it comes to having a golf ball that is mainly for good control, nothing beats the AD333.


Srixon has become one of the few golf ball brands, which actually provide golf balls in different colors. The Soft Feel usually comes in either white, yellow, pink, or red.

One of the few golf balls that do so.

Also, the AD333 comes in white and yellow alone. However, it is best to remember that the color of the golf ball does not affect its performance.


This is where the Soft Feel starts to lag behind.

The Soft Feel makes use of a special compression core which helps to change the shape of the ball when it is being hit.

Afterward, the golf ball comes back to normal. However, as this golf ball is exceptionally soft, it usually becomes filled with scratch marks before long.

As for AD333, this is not the case. With the AD333, its control and durability work hand in hand.

Its outer layer, which provides good control of the golf ball, also helps to make the ball more durable.

Therefore, this is the best choice if you are looking for a more durable golf ball.


The Soft Feel golf ball can be bought at about $35 per dozen. This is, of course, significantly cheaper than most golf balls.

However, the price of the AD333 is slightly over the top. This golf ball is more expensive than most golf balls.

Still, it offers a lot of qualitative performance for its high price. It can be bought at about $50 per dozen.

Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333: Which is Better?

Srixon Soft Feel vs AD333

If you love to golf for long periods at a time and want more ease, it is best to go for Soft Feel.

Its soft surface will be able to make the golfer more comfortable and swinging easier.

However, if you truly want something that can go a long way and give you the control you need, go for the AD333.

Regardless of the golf ball you choose, be assured that Srixon only produces the best.

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